0 Black History People 2 Tops the Top 10

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 07/31/2017

Our app with one of the longest track records in the app stores sits at the top of our 10 most popular titles. Black History People 1 was originally created in 2011. Based on your feedback, we completely updated the app in 2017 as Black History People 2 with a complete redesign.

In our experience apps transition from idea to completion in as little as one day to as long as nine months. We have a couple in the pipeline that have passed the one year mark in the development process. No problem! You'll like them better if they work properly.

These are our 10 most popular apps ranked in order during the past 30 days:

  1. Black History People 2.4
  2. Black History Quiz
  3. Black History Audiobook I
  4. Black History Inventors Quiz
  5. Black History Audiobook 2
  6. Black History Museums
  7. Hip Hop Quiz
  8. Pizza Burger Crush Game
  9. QuikMoji Game
  10. Donald Crush  Game
Black History People 2 Tops the Top 10
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