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0 Blackjack 21 AA or Video Poker Jacks Or Better?

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 09/07/2022

It's been awhile since we dropped a new game into the casual mobile game mix. We sometimes don't release everything we're working on.

Here are two top candidates in the video below: Blackjack 21 AA, and Video Poker Jacks Or Better.

I generally enjoy playing both games. Since 2019 during the early pandemic days, a hand-held 'Game Boy' sized video poker game grabbed lots of my time and attention.

Would you believe since then, I've scored two royal flushes (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 all of the same suit) on this portable old school player!

Here's a photo of one of them...

Royal Flush

I can't guarantee you two royal flushes within 3 years, but it's always fun trying to get one when the money you are playing with isn't real.

Inspiration was the mother of invention for cooking up our spin on these extremely popular card games.

Between Blackjack 21 AA and Video Poker Jacks Or Better, which one do you like the best? We'll release one, or both as mobile games.

Video Poker Jacks Or Better is complete. Blackjack 21 AA has a few more very minor tweaks to hit the finish line. 

Blackjack without the extras (insurance, doubling down, etc.) is the simpler game. Video poker requires much more strategy to learn how to win or not win from the five cards handed to you in the deal.

As these are both casual mobile games, we've kept it simple and stuck to the basics. You'll find hardcore approaches elsewhere.

Update September 20, 2022. Google Play was the first app store to approve Video Poker Jacks Or Better. Discover more on our game page.

Update September 25, 2022. Google Play has approved the Blackjack 21 AA Card Game. Learn more on our game page.

So you want to play on your iPhone or iPad? Our MacBook Pro needs to be retired so we've just gotten a MacBook Air to speed up the iOS development for both of these games.

Blackjack 21 AA or Video Poker Jacks Or Better?
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