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1 Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism Video

  • Books
  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 02/04/2019

Shenteria Marie is an entrepreneur and professional voice over actress. You've heard her on our apps: Black History Audio Book(s), Black History Museums, and on several of our videos.

She is also an author who has written "Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism - A New Reality and Hope For The Future." Find her at

I discovered Shenteria's book from her Instagram feed. With such a provocative title, I was skeptical about her experience. You might be shocked too.

Every Black History Month I produce a special feature for our sister website, For 2019, it's Shenteria's story. I'm sharing it with you now.

On a Sunday afternoon, I read her 116 page book in a little under 3 hours.

We did an interview using Skype on Wednesday, January 30, a few days before the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Medical School yearbook racism photo controversy exploded.

Here is the full 14 minute conversation. You'll want to watch the whole video...

1 Comment

  • Shenteria

    02/04/2019 12:57 PM

    I truly appreciate the interview! I honestly feel it is very important that people acknowledge their own personal experiences today. Through our experiences we can help the next generation. It starts with the person in the mirror.
Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism Video
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