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0 Hip Hop And R&B Plant Flags In One Mobile Quiz App

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  • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
  • 11/16/2020

We all have our favorite decade of music. This is how radio stations continue to schedule their rotation of tunes.

These stations pick a decade or two to target a listener demographic.

Generally, the music you grew up with during your teen and young adult years is the music you identify with the most.

Today, it's easier than ever to discover new music through different digital platforms, but only certain generations of music lovers participate in discovering fresh tracks.

Maybe our busy lives are a distraction as we get older.

With some of these principles in mind, we've streamlined our presentation of two music mobile quiz apps.

Earlier in 2020, we consolidated three Black History audio book apps into one app keeping the same amount of valuable free content.

We're now doing the same thing with the apps RnB Music Quiz Soul and Hip Hop Quiz, but there's a catch!

The new RnB and Hip Hop Quiz game is now a multi-category quiz. R&B has it's own section. Hip Hop has it's own section.

We focus on a throwback vibe from A to Z with the artists, producers, writers, and music makers.

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz App

You can select the section you want at any time. The levels don't have to be played consecutively.

Levels 1 - 12 are dedicated to R&B multiple choice questions. Levels 13 - 24 do the same for Hip Hop.

By putting each musical genre in the same app, you now have many hundreds of questions to enjoy in the game.

If you are into Black music discovery and learning something new, RnB and Hip Hop Quiz app is worth checking out. It's a consolidation of cultures.

You can argue that Hip Hop is R&B music but we won't debate it here because each genre has its passionate disciples.

Just mentioning the genre names conjures up specific assumptions we may all have.

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz App

You can play the genre you love the most exclusively in this quiz game, or you can dive into them all.

The R&B levels all share the identical level images. The Hip Hop level images all feature different people.

Ignore the actual level numbers in the pictures below as these are not the updated numbers... 

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz App Level Images

The updated RnB and Hip Hop Quiz Game app is now live on Google Play and ready for you to grab for your Android Phone.

We'll be updating the Android version for The Amazon App Store, and the iOS version for The App Store in the coming weeks.

You'll find out right here when they are ready.

RnB Music Quiz Soul app stand-alone is still available as of this writing in The App Store for iOS. Hip Hop Quiz stand-alone is still available in The Amazon App Store for Android.

Eventually, we will retired the stand-alone Hip Hop Quiz app and the stand-alone RnB Music Quiz Soul app as they are no longer needed.

Hip Hop And R&B Plant Flags In One Mobile Quiz App
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