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0 How To Use AAeMojis App On Social Media Video

Already seen? Deja vu? Not quite. You've seen some of it, but not all of it. Here's another chapter in our attempt to help you use AAeMojis on social media.

What are AAeMojis? Take a look at just a few of the emojis...


They are 139 different proud expressions for iOS and Android to brighten up all occasions. There are no ads and no in-app purchases in the apps.

We've done several short videos, (blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) about the app explaining how to use these AAeMojis on social media.

There's even an app video in the Android version, and two app videos in the iOS version.

Based on your continuing questions, you've asked for more clarity. 99.9% of the questions we receive are for the Android version. We mean all of the questions!

So finally, we've put together a 3-1/2 minute in-depth video showing you how to use these stickers for text messaging, and how to use them on Facebook.

Most questions should be answered in this video, especially about the Android version.

The video is in four segments showing you how to use the emojis:

  1. Texting on iPhone - iPad
  2. Facebook comments iPhone - iPad
  3. Texting on Android
  4. Facebook comments Android

I breathe in some fresh air with a noisy plane flying over me outdoors for just a few short seconds in the video introduction before we jump inside where it is quiet.

All is revealed for the first time in one video explaining how to use these 139 characters.

See how we use the emojis with our phones in the video below, then discover more details reading the AAeMojis app description where there are links to the app stores.

Update: We've removed the original video from August 31, 2020 and replaced it with an improved version from January 27, 2021

. Enjoy.

How To Use AAeMojis App On Social Media Video
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