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0 How to Use Online Training to Get Ahead

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 07/25/2018

Don't knock online training if you've never tried it. We recently counted 19 certificates of completion from Udemy courses we've tackled going back to 2015. Discipline is the key to success to sharpen a skill or learn something new. The convenience to set your own schedule and pace are big benefits with online courses. We've done other online courses with additional trainers too, however Udemy is our favorite. Our total certificate of completion count from everyone is 37.

As someone who was successful slogging it out at a 4 year school to get a college degree the traditional way by attending classroom lectures I have a passionate appreciation for both worlds: old school and new school learning.

You still have lots of time left before the end of 2018 to make your move! Lifelong learning makes a lot of sense. Lifelong learning makes a difference. Go for it.

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How to use Online Training to Get Ahead
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