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0 How We Bypass Gatekeepers

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Once there was MySpace and Google Plus to capture your social attention. Today, it's Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Tomorrow, will it be the interactive "podcast" site Clubhouse?

Note, Clubhouse may be all audio, all the time but it is not a traditional podcast.

As we've recently seen, these social media giants can drop you like a hot potato if they deem your content is in violation of their standards.

Are you comfortable putting all of your eggs in one basket? What do you think?

Between the three major app stores that we regularly supply with teaching tools, quizzes, audiobooks, or games there is a subjective difference between how our intellectual property is evaluated.

In my experience, Apple by far uses the most professional approach evaluating apps. Of the 15 apps we have in the App Store, 13 were accepted immediately including our first 7. We were asked to make minor changes to only 2 of the 15. We did, and the apps were both accepted on the second submission.

I don't have issues working with editors as I've worked with them my entire career including many years in both broadcast journalism and music programming for radio.

In the app world most of our apps (over 60) were originally done for Android. With that said, the Amazon store has always been a pleasure to work with.

As far as Google is concerned, I fear that their artificial intelligence based algorithms wreak havoc throughout the entire app evaluation process.

So this update doesn't get too long, I won't go into additional details. Let me just end by saying that having your own real estate to plant your flag in is even more important today than ever.

We started in June, 1996. The site lives on in its sixth total revision with a seventh on the horizon.

The danger of relying on one app store, one social media platform, or one publishing arm as your primary third party base of operation means you relinquish control of your own destiny to a gatekeeper.

Build your own gate that leads to your own home. It should be your focal point. Third parties you trust today may execute the ultimate power tomorrow and block or erase your legacy.

How We Bypass Gatekeepers

How We Bypass Gatekeepers
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