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0 Name Game App Confusion Video

  • Games
  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 07/15/2019

What's wrong with this picture? Confusion. We software - app people generally know that many of our treasured users who love our games or other entertainment novelties sometimes overlook reading the product details.

If it's a free app, no pain, no gain. Not much is lost. Even when there is cookie jar money involved some folks just do not read the easy to scan summaries after looking at screen shots.

Recently a three word comment "Don't Get It" came in about one of our games that motivated me to produce a video explaining more. Perhaps this person meant "I don't get it" and not "don't get it" (the app).

Watch the video to check out how to correctly play the Black History People Name Game that uses word association with an interesting twist. It's all about remembering the people.



Name Game App Confusion Video
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