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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 07/01/2020

The theme is People Power! See below. The first examples: smart heads creating three data driven pictures to visually simplify complex problems in the USA from COVID-19 to floods to the police.

1) In this NPR interactive map The Coronavirus Crisis Tracking The Pandemic: Are Coronavirus Cases Rising Or Falling In Your State? middle page, you can touch the circle in your state (laptop only) for the latest numbers.

2) Climate changes notwithstanding, among the 50 states, what's your home's flood factor whether or not you live in an apartment or house? Enter your zip code to find out at

3) Garden State residents, The for New Jersey lets you search the most comprehensive statewide database of police use of force in the USA by the name of a police department or an officer.

ForceReport is especially important to us since we are headquartered in New Jersey.

The interactive Coronavirus map, the FloodFactor risk models, and the New Jersey statewide database of police use of force hits home how simplifying the display of information helps people better understand significant issues.

We all do work. Work is a job. Your work may not be "database wiz," but it matters.

When we created our mobile app People Power Jigsaw Puzzle we were thinking about what people do all around us. We cover the professions and pastimes, blue and white collar, urban, suburban, and rural in the puzzles.

Dive into the three data driven resources above, and have some fun with our People Power Jigsaw Puzzles for iOS and Android that you can grab free from the app stores.

People Power Factor
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