0 TSOP Philly Flashback

We've been featuring interesting magazine covers from my personal magazine archive on recent consecutive Wednesdays.

Today is the 5th of a 5 part series with an October/November 1980 cover of Blues & Soul saluting Philadelphia International Records.

It's a TSOP Philly Flashback.

I have removed the names of some of the artists from the lower left-hand panel. Can you identify all 10 artists on the cover?

2021 Update: Contest is over and we selected a winner.

If you can, we'd like to reward you, (a true 'Philly Sound' lover), with some Memphis soul!

The first person to name all 10 artists on this cover will win a copy of the new 2 CD set, Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Leave your guess in a comment. All 10 artists must be named in the same comment.

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TSOP Philly Flashback
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