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0 Quick Thinking with Critical Thought About Game Design

Pick your favorite game. What was your first impression? Did you play it to experience some fun with friends?

In the digital diversion world did you accidentally discover a new title for a gaming console?

During a period, I wrote independent reviews for around 80 mobile games that I actually played for a legit review service that is no longer active. Many of the games were cash grabs. Some of the games didn't work. Several games were just trash.

I have a certain perspective as an app developer. If you enter the mobile app space as a consumer looking for leisure you probably just want a seamless easy to use tool, game, or app that doesn't frustrate your patience!

There are game developers, game users... and then there are game journalists. These professional writers offer their take on what makes a good or bad game.

Long time game player and author Josh Bycer @GWbycer searched online for information about game mechanic systems but he couldn't find a strong knowledge base.

What did he do? He started compiling research based on his own experiences eventually translating them into books stressing game mechanics over game story telling. Through this effort Josh Bycer's Game-Wisdom, game design critical thought process was born.

Josh Bycer Books

I talked with Josh in the video below about a unique way in which he uses video games. He explains why he wants to see more Android games on the PC (Amazon says some of their Android mobile apps may be coming to Windows 11).

Josh breaks down his game design philosophy along with what he likes best in successful games.

You'll also discover what element Josh believes is crucial to making a video game a hit. We talk for 14 minutes.

Here's a photo of Josh giving a presentation about the history of video games at the M Allan Vogelson Regional Branch of the Camden County Library in Voorhees, New Jersey on September 24, 2018. Photo by Kingsley H. Smith.

Josh Bycer at the Camden Count Library in Voorhees NJ

Quick Thinking with Critical Thought About Game Design
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