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0 Righteous App Reviews: Ranting Or Rejoicing?

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 04/06/2021

When you take the time to share your soul through writing about a service or product you've used, it suggests three things.

You really like it, you dislike it, or the service or product fell short in delivering its promise.

Trolls and haters try to artificially skew the sense of love or distaste about consumable items in public reviews. You and I may question the validity of these reviews.

However over the long haul, opinions do even out so you can trust what you are seeing in the trends as they average out.

Many of our mobile apps get tens of thousands of downloads. Many do not, but...

What we always look at is the rating score, a running average of the thumbs up or thumbs down 'votes' you leave in app stores after using and engaging with our apps.

Here are our Top 7 mobiles apps (as of April, 2021) based on user satisfaction ranked by your rating on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being the top rating.

 Top 7 Rated Quikthinking Mobile Apps

What I really like about written app reviews beyond the numeric rating is the wealth of user feedback.

There is a lot to learn about fine-tuning your craft in order to meet the needs of your community of app users.

As a matter of fact, several or our apps were created to answer the firestorm of criticism about the apps of other developers who just didn't have their foot on the gas.

Usually, if you see a single, 3 or 4 word, one sentence summary with bad grammar many of those reviews are fakes by artificial intelligence bots that have downloaded the app using boilerplate 'review' responses to fool you.

Some of these phony reviews never reference the app or what it does.

When it comes to appraising public app ratings and reviews, remember the Latin phrase caveat emptor.

You are responsible for checking the quality, suitability and believability of the public bulletin board.

With that said, we do thank you for reviewing, rating, and enjoying all of our apps!

Grab a free download, and share your opinion anytime in the review.

Righteous App Reviews: Ranting Or Rejoicing?
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