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0 Spelling Runners Literacy: Driving A Game App

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 03/31/2022

Imagine a young twenty-something year old in a densely populated urban area who just loves to drive a car through the lively city streets, without a license.

Jose' (not his real name) realized that commercial driving might be his chance to earn an income in a job he was sure to love.

Jose' was a high school graduate, but at 21, Jose' could not read at a 5th grade level. This is a true story.

I joined Literacy Volunteers of America to help folks of all ages learn to read when I was an undergraduate at Rutgers University.

To drive a truck, you need a commercial drivers license. Jose' couldn't get one. He wanted one. Passing the written part of the CDL test was an obstacle for him even though he was granted a high school diploma thanks to forgiving schools.

A paper diploma won't help you if you don't have the foundation to back it up.

Sometimes, bad education systems move students through, up and out of the 12th grade to deal with the real world on their own. 

I wish this story had a happy ending. Jose' was not able to finish the tutoring I was giving him. Family responsibilities, earning money and other obstacles stood in his way.

My Literacy Volunteers of America experiences inspired me to consider creating some entertaining teaching tools under our "apps, quizzes, teaching tools, and casual games with a multicultural touch" umbrella.

Spelling Runners for iPhone, iPad, Android is a game that just happens to include over 400+ English words that I picked that are appropriate for all ages.

Remember, this is a game and not a formal teaching vehicle. Look elsewhere for "best in the world" spelling bee championship drills.

If you or young people you know like entertaining word games, here's one that is different.

Watch the video and hop on board Spelling Runners game with an instant free download.


Spelling Runners Literacy: Driving A Game App
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