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0 Top 10 Mobile Apps You've Chosen from Us

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 04/20/2022

Do you need a million downloads from an app store to be successful? It depends on what audience you are trying to serve.

The data scientist studies the trends and tries to identify the opportunities. An artist creates from the soul and puts their craftwork out there for all to see and judge.

Why not pull a little bit from the world of research and the world of creativity? That's what we did.

There are benefits from serving a smaller but loyal community of followers. 

Take a look at these 2022 trends spanning several months. The green arrows pointing up indicate growth over the same period last year.


Top 10 2022 Apps Android April 2022

 iOS: (iPhone and iPad)

Top 10 2022 Apps iOS April 2022

These numbers reveal enough people to fill a large stadium. You've only seen the top 10 Android and top 5 iOS and not the other twenty apps bubbling under from the collection.

We'll continue to serve you by creating apps, teaching tools, quizzes, and casual games with a multicultural touch.

Top 10 Mobile Apps You've Chosen from Us
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