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0 What Did You Do For The First Time In 2022?

In 2022 I made five people extremely happy by offering them amazing digital online deals, but there's more to the story. My loss was their gain.

Let's begin with these 5 items kicked out of the Quikthinking Software office space...

  1. One generic 4K camcorder
  2. One Sony digital audio tape recorder (DAT)
  3. One high quality Marantz cassette recorder
  4. One Optimus handheld Digital voice recorder
  5. One "how-to market online guide" by author Derek Gehl

 Here are the actual item pictures:

4K camcorder, DAT recorder and digital recorder

I haven't used these tech items for years. All were in working condition but they sat around the office in their original boxes collecting dust.

We now use other modern electronic devices that have replaced the "antiques."

What did I do for the first time in 2022? Two things to note, but there are others.

These tech items tie into the first.

Have you guessed? I sold them all on eBay! Sales were in December 2021, January 2022, March 2022, and November 2022!

I'm counting the late December 2021 "experiment" for 2022.

To my pleasant surprise, all of these items sold quickly at fair market value generating a reasonable price based on their age.

The photos you see for the listings on eBay were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. I've added the tan background for this post.

Early in eBay's history shady sellers and suspicious buyers gave the platform a questionable reputation.

Time marches on. eBay improved their platform controls. We finally decided to take the plunge. Am I late to the party? Yes, but so what! It certainly beats a yard sale!

You can easily find some very good "how to do eBay" guides online if like me, you've never tried it before. Look for a guide to watch or a guide to read.

I found the entire eBay process easy to manage.

Derek Gehl books and marantz cassette recorder

The second thing we did for the first time in 2022 was clean the inside of our microwave oven! What a difference a cleansing makes.

I won't reveal how long we've had this particular microwave, but the point is you can always move forward if you challenge yourself to do so.

If you didn't get to accomplish a doable goal in 2022, move it into 2023.

Forget about resolutions. Make the goal simple. Make it something that you know you will be able to do.

Focus on something you will do for the first time ever!

For the year that is ending, what did you do for the first time?

What Did You Do For The First Time In 2022?
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