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0 Why App Developers Say Anyone Can Do It

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 07/31/2018

About a couple of years ago I received the following email on a Saturday night from Ezell who wrote:

"I am looking to get into the industry and like you focused on African American games. How have you found the industry has it been lucrative?"

Here was my exact answer:

"Hello Ezell. The app industry is extremely hyper competitive so you have to know what you are doing. Lucrative income was not my primary motivation for creating apps. I will tell you that out of 20 apps we have released 4 of the top 5 money makers do have African American themes or images however some have cross-over appeal beyond the black market. Not all of our apps have African American themes. Focus on research. Study the market. Release high quality products."

I wonder how Ezell is doing now and if a decision was made to take the first step by moving forward. You just have to do it and make a move without fear to accomplish what you want.

Here's a tweet along with a link to an article I shared that is relevant to the theme of Ezell's question. "Anyone can do it," making apps that is, but you have to believe in yourself first!


How to make a video game @Clickteam @Basic4Android. Read why these developers interviewed by the BBC say 'anyone can do it'

Why App Developers Say Anyone Can Do It
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