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0 Will AI Create Your Next App?

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool, has exploded across screens everywhere since it's November, 30, 2022 public introduction.

If used as a cheating tool, ChatGPT can do a decent job completing school assignments for students.

Will this technology replace app developers?

Forbes and Fox Business have both reported that a conga line of educators have immediately banned the app from all school devices:

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District (December, 2022)
  • Seattle Public Schools (January, 2023)
  • New York City Public Schools (January, 2023) ****

Several universities have pushed the delete button on the technology too.

That's a fast reaction to a viral trend, but what will stop students from using the app on their own personal devices?

ChatGPT is able to solve math problems, churn out college essays and write research papers.

How does it work? You think of a goal. You then compose a text sentence about the goal inside of the app's writing box.

Finally ChatGPT goes out to the internet to do its noble or rogue deed scraping public information from everywhere.

The gathered material is compiled into prose worthy of a best selling author.

Here's an example. "Write an essay on the history of creating visual novel mobile games."

If you've used ChatGPT, try it and see what you get!


For software app developers, AI art generators are also gaining fast traction as a speedy way to create respectable images.

Art generators use algorithms and machine learning to create graphic pictures at lightening speed.

Text to video? That's waiting in the wings...of course!

It's in development making ChatGPT look like the junior varsity.

Meta, owner of Facebook continues to work on Make-A-Video, an application that generates a video from a sentence you enter into a text box. Demos of the app have been released to the public. I've seen them. The app is not public.

Google's text to video AI Imagen looks even better than Facebook's. You enter a sentence into a text box to produce a video that can even include AI generated text.

Imagen is not publicly available but from what I've seen of the videos they look amazing.

For an app developer needing software code, AI experts in the field say that subroutines can and will be written by AI as small modules to be included in larger projects.

Since tech leaps ahead so quickly, the day will come when AI can write full applications for even smaller developers.

I'd say that it makes no sense to stand in the way of developing technology. Humans with emotional skill will have abilities that AI can't deliver - for now.

If you've used a digital spell checker or thesaurus are you cheating? No, not really.

Modern tools always continue to evolve. Smart inventors will create new ways to potentially improve life.

In the world of digital creators, sweat equity for manual creation will give way to AI automation.

Then, we'll all have more time to think about better solutions to our problems while the machines do the grunt work.

How long will it take for both humans and AI to be equally proficient? Only time will tell.

It doesn't take a fortune teller to predict that text to video will be replaced by speech to video. Who knows what will be after that?

The thoughts you've just read were written 100% by me, Hugh Smith! Sorry ChatGPT.

**** May 18, 2023 update. New York City's Department of Education has made a one hundred eighty degree turn! ChatGPT will now be allowed on school devices and networks. Which other educator will be next to hold digital hands with this cutting edge technology?


Will AI Create Your Next App?
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