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0 Word Game Runners Digital Marathon Video

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 07/21/2021

Word games have always captured the attention of a universal audience. They are popular for entertainment while building language skills.

Expanding the mind is not necessarily the focus of runners. There's the athletic challenge along with the drama of competition in a race.

We have elements of both words and running in the action based mobile game app Spelling Runners for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Spelling Runners Mobile App

Can you be the first to complete all 400+ levels? In the 60 second video below, we show you levels 30 - 34. The action sequences are sped up to keep the video short.

Spelling Runners is designed for fun. The game words are common everyday English words. This is a excellent app for English learners.

Spelling Bee skill builder? Not here! Spelling Runners is a fun mobile game app to put some speedy action back into word play.

The plot. It's green runner (the hero) vs. red runner the challenger. Slide your finger on the screen to move green runner to the correct letter in each word.

Red runner uses artificial intelligence to pursue the letters.

Let your fingers do the walking, or running in the Spelling Runners stadium.

Good luck! Have fun. Watch the video, then Learn more about Spelling Runners Game.


Word Game Runners Digital Marathon Video
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