0 AAeMojis App Launch Party

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 05/01/2018

You are having fun with your friends texting back and forth. Inserting the right visual illustration representing your exact feeling is frustrating because the emojis you are using are bland, dull, and dated.

Clicking on over into the Google Play app store, you start searching for emojis that can represent you with some class. You try a few of the freebie apps that are a joke. Some of them are embarrassingly bad. Some of them claim that they are free, but then they try to charge you multiple times for grabbing a few more desirable characters from their stash.

You find AAeMojis in the store and download all 100 of the gang. Now you are really ready for a texting and social media jam.

Below are just a few of the AAeMojis who squeezed into their launch party selfie on April 30, 2018. Tell your friends about them. Read more about the AAeMojis App so you can get yours.

AA eMojis App 

 Who is behind that mask?


AAeMojis App Launch Party
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