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0 Backpack Bounce Match 3 Game

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  • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
  • 08/24/2022

Great backpacks get the job done! For a good time, watch the 29 second Backpack Bounce Match 3 Game video below.

You swipe the backpacks to create two or more combinations.

This mobile game features 20 different levels with different backpacks. Play the levels in any order you wish.

"Angry" looking backpacks in some levels may make matches but those matches don't count! Bombs next to the non-angry backpack matches boost your score.

Backpack Bounce is in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon app store. The Android version has been recently updated. See more details below the video. 

For Android some of the screen layouts will render much better in version 3.4. The updated version (August 23, 2022) has been tested on Android 7, 8, 11 and Kindle Fire OS

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Backpack Bounce Match 3 Game
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