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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/01/2018

    We always love your feedback and answer your comments about all of our apps whether it's here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or in one of the app stores. Thank you for evaluating two of our most popular titles. Here's how it looks in just one of the app stores on March 1, 2018.

  • 0 6 great apps to try this week for Black History Month

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/12/2018

    6 great apps to try this week for Black History Month. Free to download. Here are some 5 star user reviews... 1) Black History Audio Book - Way Up says this app is  "Enlightening" 2) Black History Audio Book II - Darlene Moore shares her enthusiasm: "let it shine" 3) Black History People - Uhuru Sawyers sums up her thoughts: "Really deep and the truth" 4) Black History Quiz for iPhone - brand new (be the first to review it!)     Black History Quiz for Android - Vickie Harvey says "Helps you keep up with history" 5) Black History Inventors - Bartell Keithley echoes "This app is inspiring to me" 6) Black History Inventors Quiz - Tina Butterfly's comment: "Excellent"

  • 0 Black History Inventors App Reinvented

      G. Biggs' recent public written comment regarding our inventors project is one an app developer doesn't want to see: "At first, this app was great! But now it keeps shutting down! Seems funny..." Hugh Smith quote: "As the Android version upgrades keep coming, the old apps stop working." We started developing and releasing Windows software in the 1990s based on the C and Visual Basic programming languages with one title launched in 1993 (C) and another in 1998 (Visual Basic). By 2011 - 2012, our focus turned to Android mobile apps. Black History Inventors was one of our first mobile apps in 2012. The structure for the way the app was designed is based on a cookie cutter framework. We all have to start somewhere. It was clear this app needed re-development, but other projects were ahead in the queue. Well, a flurry of recent users including G. Biggs have spoken so we took action. As our app development sophistication has now blossomed, we put aside one day to rebuild Black History Inventors from the ground up. We succeeded. The inside story is that the new Black History Inventors was included as one of four different sections in our 2015 Black History Inventors Quiz app. Inventors is downloaded eight times as often as Inventors Quiz although the Inventors Quiz app user rating is higher. As programmer and writer Will Bontrager from Willmaster.com recently told me regarding both apps: "some people are more cerebral than others. The less cerebral may have uncomfortable school exam memories associated with the word "quiz." As we celebrate Black History Month, we are thrilled that we were able to squeeze this long overdue update into our insane schedule. Watch and listen to the new video at the beginning of this story. Download Black History Inventors from Google Play or the Amazon App stores.   

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    Here's a sneak peek screen shot of our new black history audio game (not the real title). The game is finished, but we won't be releasing it until early spring, 2018.  Get a quick email when we release a new app! More details at the bottom of this page

  • 0 Black History Quiz for iPhone

    Black History Quiz for iPhone is an excellent fact based trivia game for inspiration about people, movements, and pioneers. The app keeps you in the questions until you select the right answer. You’ll find several hundred questions in the quizzes including multiple choice, picture, and true or false. Our Android version of this app has been downloaded over 25,000 times and it's our most successful app in the Amazon App Store. It's in 3rd place in the Google Play Store among our apps. Enjoy the iPhone version! This is the first of many more to come. I'll post the link in the App Store within 24 hours. Happy New Year! Update: Black History Quiz for iPhone ready for download.

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 12/18/2017

    Superhero Flyer app is really easy to play once you understand how to beat the game, but with the time limits in the levels and constant unexpected player swaps, there certainly is a challenge. We created this short 40 second video with some super cheat tips so you can soar through Super Hero Flyer

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 12/12/2017

    Tis the season. After 24 Android apps published in Google Play, Amazon, and other app stores...app 25 will be IOS. We've had an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro for a couple of years. I'd say among all of our devices including the Android phones and tablets, the Kindle Fire HD is still our favorite go-to fun tech item primarily because of it's size. We use the Kindle for a lot except for email. A Motorola Droid Turbo phone comes in 2nd place. Our IOS app built by us from the ground up using the Swift programming language is completely finished. The app is one of our most popular Android winners now recreated for iPhone with additional improvements. Let's hope Apple accepts it when it is submitted soon.    

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    Here is a version of the Thanksgiving story that you may not have received in school. Originally recorded in 1974, the sometimes tongue and cheek prose was written by Bama, The Village Poet.  Watch the 3 minute 41 second Thanksgiving Story video we've created. It was produced in 2007 and updated in 2017. Hear Bama's take on the holiday in his own words. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect our own beliefs.

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 11/16/2017

    We're spreading some Thanksgiving cheer with the just released Thanksgiving Match 3 Game. Download the game (see the links below the video) before even thinking about your long or short distance holiday travels. Enjoy, and share with a friend. Thanksgiving Match 3 Game download from Google Play. Thanksgiving Match 3 Game download from the Amazon app store.

  • 0 Alien UFO Spaceship Match 3

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 11/13/2017

    Let's go back to September, 2015 when we first released Alien UFO Spaceship Match 3, a casual game that doesn't require you to be online while you play. Here's what fans of the game have said: * "The spaceships keep coming! I really like this game. Love the different sci-fi like music tracks." - Anita Jones * "Game sounds are very classic." - Farhan Khan * "Awesome game must download" - Mayur Kharche Rohit Gurjar * "Fun little spaceship game. It's simple but enjoyable to play." - Joe Willmott* "Fun game, it reminds me of a final degree project." - Pepelillo SunaoMatch 3 games remain very popular because they are so easy to play. Alien UFO Spaceship Match 3 let's you control the music and game sounds individually, so you can turn them on or off when you want. We love playing the game on a large Samsung tablet, however, you can enjoy the spaceships bouncing around the screen on a smartphone too. We've just updated this game. Alien UFO Spaceship Match 3 can be downloaded from Google Play or the Amazon app store. Watch the video below...  

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