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0 Can the Developer Beat Your Superhero Flyer Game App?

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 07/23/2018

Hugh Smith

If you are into game cheat videos, climb on board with me as I try to get through all of the levels of Super Hero Flyer Game App without embarrassing myself. You'll get a lot of cool tips about how to approach the game with strategy. I share a bunch during the game play but I don't give it all away. You will definitely discover more about how to play the game.

There is a nice help screen in the game app that is a great guide for all of the superhero character moves.

In an earlier blog post about the Superhero Flyer team I give credit to the other international crew members who helped contribute to the development of the game. I've just added a big extra you don't see and I don't mention in the video and that benefit to you in the game will be released soon.

Watch the video and see if I can beat the game!

Can the Developer Beat Your Superhero Flyer Game App?
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