0 Gaming Black History Mobile Apps

What's the best way to discover something new? Movies, books, slides, video, story telling, word-of-mouth, PowerPoint presentations?

Take your pick. You may like to listen, you may like to watch, you may like to read.

For Black History, all of these approaches are valuable. Here's another alternative. Can using a creative game format touch those who think soaking up history is boring?

Possibly. That's why we come at creating mobile apps from different perspectives. Juicing up the dry sometimes calls for getting very wet.

We've done this in bubbles inside an interesting new mobile game.

Black History People Game App is our first app that we've released simultaneously for iPhone, iPad, and Android on the same day (January 24, 2020). Coincidentally, it's our 50th app since 2011!

The app is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. Get ready for a fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience without questions or simple matches.

Take a look at the short 30 second video. Find out much more on the Black History People Game page. Thanks for checking it out!

Gaming Black History Mobile Apps
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