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0 iOS and AAeMojis Sticker Help

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 10/13/2021

You may not use emojis as much as you used to, but your family, friends and neighbors might still be all in the game!

Some of the folks you personally know may have joined the thousands who just had to have our AAeMojis: 159 stickers with a variety of genders and ages for iOS and Android.

Cynthia L. recently contacted us saying "I cannot get the emojis on my iPhone 12."

Here's what you can do to put these AAeMoji stickers on your iPhone or iPad to charge up the expression in your messages.

AAeMojis Tips

Watch this helpful 59 second video below. I do a clean installation to an iPad. It's the same process for your iPhone.


iOS and AAeMojis Sticker Help
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