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0 Playing Blackjack 21 AA Card Game Video

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 10/19/2022

It's a true story I tell in the video. I thought every adult knew how to play blackjack. I discovered the exception to the rule in my own extended family.

My mother taught me how to play. We played often when I was young. When we played, no money was involved (even as I got older). What kind of mom would try to fleece her own kid? Not mine!

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of developing Blackjack 21 AA. Building the mobile game was not in vain. Everyone doesn't know how to play so another Blackjack mobile experience is not overkill.

Our version for iPhone, iPad and Android keeps things simple. Blackjack 21 AA features simulated gambling. No real money is wagered.

We don't include extended elements found in more sophisticated versions that use doubling down or insurance. We just capture the fun element of the game!

Read this update for the Blackjack 21 AA backstory.

Here I go. Watch the 2 minute video. Next time I'll show you four minutes of more card action in another new game we've recently released.

Playing Blackjack 21 AA Card Game Video
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