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0 RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for iOS

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  • by Hugh Smith
  • 05/27/2021

Here's a quick 14 second teaser video featuring RnB and Hip Hop Quiz Game app for iOS which will replace R&B Music Quiz Soul for iPhone and iPad.

You're getting an exclusive, insider's look sneak peak right here!

Finally, iOS gets the Hip Hop Quiz too. Discover why we combined the R&B Quiz and the Hip Hop Quiz into two separate sections of the same app. For more see Hip Hop and R&B Plant Flags in One Mobile Quiz App.

We continued to tweak the new iOS version of the game which is essentially finished. Once the iPhone version is released, we'll update the Android version next.

What's new? lots:

  • Questions with images
  • True or False questions
  • Questions with multiple answers
  • Turn time limits on or off
  • Reset your progress in the game
  • Select from multiple avatars
  • New game music you can turn off
  • Sound effects you can turn off
  • Fun trophies

The Android timeline for developing this game:

  • RnB Music Quiz Soul was released in 2015
  • Hip Hop Quiz was released in 2016
  • RnB Music Quiz Soul for iPhone was released in 2019


 Original R&B Quiz and Original Hip Hop Quiz

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for Android was released in 2020.

 RnB and Hip Hop Quiz First Version

Learn more about RnB and Hip Hop Quiz and look for the iPhone - iPad version very soon. Update September 6, 2021 - Released on the App Store.

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for iOS
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