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0 Shocked Additions To AAeMojis App

Have you written us asking for a specific style of AAeMojis expressions? Kerra did. She was very detailed about her request so here's what we did.

First, AAeMojis are 159 emojis in our collection we call African American Emojis. The name is somewhat of a running gag as these black emojis can represent a variety of different cultures around the world.

We challenged our excellent artist to do her magic and she did. Six new emojis have just been added to AAeMojis implementing a few of Kerra's requests.

One example is above, and another two from the six are below. Learn more about using these AAeMojis for iOS and Android texting or for Facebook.

We love your AAeMojis comments or suggestions across social media and do read them all. Thanks!

AAeMojis from

Shocked Additions To AAeMojis App
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