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0 Thanksgiving Storytime Video

Native Americans, Pilgrims and the Queen. The 1620 search for religious freedom in a foreign land one day to be named America, gets remixed with a new celebration that we now call Thanksgiving.

You know the story. Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, history.

Since 2007 in various places we've been presenting "Thanksgiving" told by Bama, the Village Poet. He tells the story in a way you may not have heard in high school.

For 2021 I have enlarged the captions in the story one more time so it is much easier to read on a mobile phone.

Bama's opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect our own beliefs. Watch, listen, and reflect on the story.

Remember to celebrate the holiday with Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for iPhone and Android, or Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game for Android.

Enjoy Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving Storytime Video
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