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0 AA eMojis Installation Fix for Android 11+ Video

In April of 2022 I addressed installation issues with our AAeMojis app for Android. Since iOS is so different everything remains fine for that version in the Apple App Store.

For some background see my story about the AA Emojis Installation disaster. Despite my early explanations, here's what really happened.

As of Android 11 released in September, 2020, the process for apps to manage storage on phones and tablets of certain app file types was changed by Google to improve security on your device.

Android is Google's operating system. Now, you the user must grant  permissions in apps that store images and other files to your device.

This 3 minute AAeMojis video explains the new process for installing the app on devices with Android 11, 12, 13 etc. I also do an example for Android 6 - 10.

Two different mobile phones were used in the video. One with Android 11, and the other with Android 8 installed. Go to "Settings" then "About Phone" to find your Android device version.

Thank you to Lloyd M. and others with the app who contacted me detailing this issue with their phones.

AAeMojis version 2.0 is live in Google Play as of October 29, 2022. Our great artist just drew a new expression. There are now 160 emojis in the collection (Android). iOS update is coming soon.

Watch the whole video for the bonus tips.

AA eMojis Installation Fix for Android 11+ Video
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