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On long 3 hour car based weekend commutes across three U.S. states between home and office, I always looked forward to listening to short and longer form audio entertainment.

Happily we eliminated this torturous commute several years ago after doing it for 17 consecutive years!

Some of these audio vignettes we engaged with were downloaded MP3 or WAV files to a mobile phone. Some of them were podcasts (an audio or video recording). Some of them were radio features.

Keeping up with podcasts was always annoying because of the technical tightrope walked between the subscription, download, and playback process.

It always seemed as though I was behind the weekly episodes as the new podcasts dropped into my mobile device.

What makes audiobooks so wonderful? Simplicity. The ones that don't require subscriptions are the most convenient.

You can stay updated on subject material that drives your interest. You can learn more about the things you are really passionate about.

Audiobooks also have great entertainment value.

Here are three of our iPhone - Android audiobooks you should listen to.

Black History Audiobook

Black History Audiobook puts together 30 specially selected biographical Black history stories read by either a female or male announcer.

With thousands of free downloads between Android and iOS, this one is our most popular audiobook. Discover more about Black History Audiobook.

Quit Smoking Audiobook

With 25 chapters reviewing strategies and tactics for approaching the task of finally kicking the cigarette habit Quit Smoking Audiobook is well worth the investment.

I recommend you also checkout the article Blowing Cigarette Smoke During a Pandemic that we wrote revealing what the professionals in the medical field have to say about smoking and a health crisis.

Brain Health Fitness

Finally, there's Brain Health Fitness, a three hour audio presentation that reviews brain enhancement strategies.

Audio segments are conveniently presented in 15 minute sections. You can listen to the 12 chapters by topic in any order you choose.

See the disclaimer about the material while you learn more about Brain Health Fitness Audiobook for Android.

Audiobooks on the Go
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