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  • 0 Black History Quiz Website

    • Quiz
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 11/08/2016

    Here's a great mobile friendly website with valuable Black History Quizzes you should check out. No apps needed!

  • 0 A Fun Music Quiz Game

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 11/05/2016

    R&B Music Quiz Soul is a fun walk through song history. You probably have heard many of the songs that are referenced throughout this quiz app. Watch the video to see how easy it is to play.     Discover more about R&B Music Quiz Soul.

  • 0 5 Music Rhythm Games

    Here are 5 music rhythm games for Android that you can download for free: Hip Hop Fingers Music Rhythm Game Music Rhythm Game Rock Music Rhythm Game Rock II Music Rhythm Game Country Each free game contains multiple music tracks to enjoy along with the leader board shown below. Discover more by visiting our sister website Music Rhythm Games.   

  • 0 Black History Inventors Quiz Hidden Gems

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 10/26/2016

    Thanks for the great feedback in Google Play regarding the Black History Inventors Quiz. This was a big upgrade from its predecessor Black History Inventors. Both apps are still going strong. What's the difference? BHI is informational with audio, whereas BHIQ is both informational and activity based. Almost all the BHIQ comments in Google Play reference the two games. Beyond the games, there are several hundred questions in the quiz section containing a treasure trove of information. All of the answers can be discovered by reading through the inventor pages. The hidden gem in BHIQ is the Invent section where you can draw sketches of whatever your brain can imagine! Maybe you can improve on another idea you saw in the inventors pages. Try out this section of the app. Black History Inventors on the top. Black History Inventors Quiz (BHIQ) on the bottom.

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