• 0 What Do You See?

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 06/12/2018

    Expand your mind for a moment. What do you see? A drinking cup shaped like a weird goblet? If you guessed a new app, you've got it right because you can see the faces. Coming soon in just a couple of weeks or less!

  • 0 Black History Audio Book 3 App

    Black History Audio Book 3 app (brand new) that you see represented on this page in the top and middle images was released in the middle of May, 2018. Up next and completely finished, Black History Express (bottom image). Hop on board. This Android app has 300 reference pages plus an all new quiz game with nearly 200 questions included to keep things interesting. Look for Black History Express in Google Play and Amazon by June 2. Both apps are free. Three screens from Black History Express:  

  • 0 AAeMojis App Review

    • Apps
    • by Andy Malavevi
    • 05/03/2018

    Here's what Android app expert Andy Malavevi had to say writing about our AAeMojis app that you can download now. Note we do include a couple of animated gifs in this first release. More are coming - Hugh Smith "The app works very well. The emojis are very unique. But I would suggest you also add more emojis as possible as this will make the app even more valuable. What I consider a must in your app is to add even more African American Animated Gif emojis this will also make the app more professional."  

  • 0 AAeMojis App Launch Party

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 05/01/2018

    You are having fun with your friends texting back and forth. Inserting the right visual illustration representing your exact feeling is frustrating because the emojis you are using are bland, dull, and dated. Clicking on over into the Google Play app store, you start searching for emojis that can represent you with some class. You try a few of the freebie apps that are a joke. Some of them are embarrassingly bad. Some of them claim that they are free, but then they try to charge you multiple times for grabbing a few more desirable characters from their stash. You find AAeMojis in the store and download all 100 of the gang. Now you are really ready for a texting and social media jam. Below are just a few of the AAeMojis who squeezed into their launch party selfie on April 30, 2018. Tell your friends about them. Read more about the AAeMojis App so you can get yours.    Who is behind that mask?  

  • 0 AAeMojis App

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 04/26/2018

    In May of 2017, we created an emoji game that was a lot of fun to create and play. QuikMoji was released in June 2017 to the Google Play Store. We've held back on offering to you the individual emojis until now. There are over 10,000 Android devices so it is difficult to create an emoji app that works successfully across the board. If your device does not have a button to switch back and forth from the standard QWERTY (ABC) keyboard to the emoji keyboard then you'll probably be very unhappy. Many devices do not have this kind of button. We needed to come up with a solution that gets around this limitation so we took our time to work out the details. The new app is called AAeMojis (not the full name). It's completely finished and tested. Look for the Android version very soon! 

  • 0 Garden State Comic Fest NJ

    • Expos
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 04/09/2018

    Here I am hanging out at the Garden State Comic Fest with Bitten Apple TV holding a box full of Black Panther on Saturday, April 7 at the Showboat in Atlantic City, NJ. The two day event was superhero wonderful!

  • 0 Black History Museums Video VIP Tour Added to the App

    We've added our Black History Museums VIP Tour videos to the Black History Museums app. You'll now be able to watch all 12 video episodes right inside of the app. Previously, this video series was outside of the app on YouTube. Depending on the version of Android that you have, you'll see the link to the videos at the top of your screen or in the Black History Museums App menu (3 vertical dots). You'll notice that the download size of the app remains the same because we pull in the videos directly from our YouTube channel as you select them. From left to right, the three red circles highlight the controls for the 12 videos. | < go to the previous video > start the video | > go to the next video As you see in the screen shot below "Connecticut," press your phone or tablet back button to close the video window. Download this new version of the Black History Museums app now. Enjoy!

  • 0 Brain Health Audiobook App

    Brain Health Audiobook app is a three hour audio presentation that reviews brain workout enhancement strategies. Although this information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only, you'll discover multiple strategies that are discussed for optimizing brain health and brain fitness. Topics include How to reduce stress, finding brain health fitness solutions, the role of music in promoting relaxation, public reaction to brain health strategies, and discoveries made by scientists in the fields of brain growth, aging, and regeneration. Brain Health Audiobook uses clear and understandable everyday language to present the discussion and is appropriate for high school age or above, however when needed, scientific elements of brain anatomy are mentioned and explained. Educators will enjoy the chapters covering super learning and student attitudes in this brain health app. The total time for this professional quality audio presentation is three hours and 17 minutes. Discover more: Brain Health Audiobook

  • 0 Black History People App Update

    Here are just a few of the new additions recently added to our Black History People App. You can grab it from Google Play or the Amazon App store. 

  • 0 20 Years of African American History Apps

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/19/2018

    With an interest in the subject material since high school, I pitched the theme to my adviser as a capstone project during graduate school. He said no to the idea, but I went ahead anyway to create and complete the digital reference you'll discover more about in the video below. We knew this project would have value. App research was done between 1993 - 1998. After 5 years, Empower Encyclopedia CD-ROM  was completed in the spring of 1998. A little bit more background about us. Quikthinking Software was registered as a trade name in 1989, a year after we graduated from college. We released our first non-history business app in 1993. The venue in the featured video: the America's Center, St. Louis for the 7th Annual Missouri Black Expo in August, 1998. I programmed Empower Encyclopedia for Windows using the Visual Basic language/software development kit. We pulled the CD-ROM off the market in 2005, as cell phone app excitement was really beginning to pick up speed in the market place. Today, a significant portion of Empower Encyclopedia lives online at BlackHistoryPeople.com and in some of our Android and IOS apps. In 2018, we celebrate 20 Years of African American History App publishing. 

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