• 0 Don't Wait Until Black History Month

    How do you memorialize and acknowledge the past? If you believe getting history right is the most important thing an informed citizen can do then you'll probably be very interested in our Black History Express app series. Black History Express, and Black History Quotes Express gather together factual information and thought provoking anecdotes that offer a time slice into culture. Watch this video to learn more about both apps.   

  • 0 The App that Reveals what Made America Great

    "You will make a difference in the world, but not immediately. Your first obligation is to find something you like doing, because if you like doing it, you'll do it well" -- Condoleezza Rice. These words of wisdom sum up the thousands of thoughts we've compiled into a comprehensive black history resource app that has just been released. As you read through Black History Quotes Express you won't be disappointed.  What I found most interesting in doing the research for this project about the men and women we profile was that their true personalities can't be masked when they write or speak their minds. Follow the link above for all the details about this new Android App. Watch the video below to hear me tell the inside story. This is the app that reveals what made America great.  

  • 0 Black History Audio Book 3 App

    Black History Audio Book 3 app (brand new) that you see represented on this page in the top and middle images was released in the middle of May, 2018. Up next and completely finished, Black History Express (bottom image). Hop on board. This Android app has 300 reference pages plus an all new quiz game with nearly 200 questions included to keep things interesting. Look for Black History Express in Google Play and Amazon by June 2. Both apps are free. Three screens from Black History Express:  

  • 0 Black History Museums Video VIP Tour Added to the App

    We've added our Black History Museums VIP Tour videos to the Black History Museums app. You'll now be able to watch all 12 video episodes right inside of the app. Previously, this video series was outside of the app on YouTube. Depending on the version of Android that you have, you'll see the link to the videos at the top of your screen or in the Black History Museums App menu (3 vertical dots). You'll notice that the download size of the app remains the same because we pull in the videos directly from our YouTube channel as you select them. From left to right, the three red circles highlight the controls for the 12 videos. | < go to the previous video > start the video | > go to the next video As you see in the screen shot below "Connecticut," press your phone or tablet back button to close the video window. Download this new version of the Black History Museums app now. Enjoy!

  • 0 Black History People App Update

    Here are just a few of the new additions recently added to our Black History People App. You can grab it from Google Play or the Amazon App store. 

  • 0 Black History Inventors App Reinvented

      G. Biggs' recent public written comment regarding our inventors project is one an app developer doesn't want to see: "At first, this app was great! But now it keeps shutting down! Seems funny..." Hugh Smith quote: "As the Android version upgrades keep coming, the old apps stop working." We started developing and releasing Windows software in the 1990s based on the C and Visual Basic programming languages with one title launched in 1993 (C) and another in 1998 (Visual Basic). By 2011 - 2012, our focus turned to Android mobile apps. Black History Inventors was one of our first mobile apps in 2012. The structure for the way the app was designed is based on a cookie cutter framework. We all have to start somewhere. It was clear this app needed re-development, but other projects were ahead in the queue. Well, a flurry of recent users including G. Biggs have spoken so we took action. As our app development sophistication has now blossomed, we put aside one day to rebuild Black History Inventors from the ground up. We succeeded. The inside story is that the new Black History Inventors was included as one of four different sections in our 2015 Black History Inventors Quiz app. Inventors is downloaded eight times as often as Inventors Quiz although the Inventors Quiz app user rating is higher. As programmer and writer Will Bontrager from Willmaster.com recently told me regarding both apps: "some people are more cerebral than others. The less cerebral may have uncomfortable school exam memories associated with the word "quiz." As we celebrate Black History Month, we are thrilled that we were able to squeeze this long overdue update into our insane schedule. Watch and listen to the new video at the beginning of this story. Download Black History Inventors from Google Play or the Amazon App stores.   

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    Here's a sneak peek screen shot of our new black history audio game (not the real title). The game is finished, but we won't be releasing it until early spring, 2018.  Get a quick email when we release a new app! More details at the bottom of this page

  • 0 Black History Quiz for iPhone

    Black History Quiz for iPhone is an excellent fact based trivia game for inspiration about people, movements, and pioneers. The app keeps you in the questions until you select the right answer. You’ll find several hundred questions in the quizzes including multiple choice, picture, and true or false. Our Android version of this app has been downloaded over 25,000 times and it's our most successful app in the Amazon App Store. It's in 3rd place in the Google Play Store among our apps. Enjoy the iPhone version! This is the first of many more to come. I'll post the link in the App Store within 24 hours. Happy New Year! Update: Black History Quiz for iPhone ready for download.

  • 0 Black History Inventors Quiz Decoded

    When you first open the Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe, you can flip through hundreds of multi-choice questions generated at random. You may be asking yourself as you go through these questions, how am I ever going to be able to answer them correctly? Watch the video below. The Black History Inventors Quiz is much more than just a trivia quiz. It’s a reference resource for a large number of inventors. Touch their name in the inventors section to discover more about them. Now, answering any of the quiz questions will be a snap, as all of the questions are based upon the inventors reference section. We pull out some of the inventions, and include them in two inventor games, 1) an inventions match, and 2) an inventions match-3 crush for you to enjoy. Have your own ideas for an invention? You can sketch any inspiration in the invention drawing section of the app. Really easy to do. Very cool. Let your creativity flow. This is your Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe.

  • 0 Black History Museums VIP Tour Chicago Illinois

    The DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, Illinois is the last stop in the 12 episode USA cross-country Black History Museums VIP Tour 2017 which began in Seattle. During the summer this was an enjoyable video project to create, host, research and produce. Watch the final episode 12 video, and check out the rest of the Tour using the links below.   For an interactive app on Android featuring a resource from every state, download Black History Museums from Google Play or Black History Museums from the Amazon App store. More in the video series: The Northwest African American Museum in Washington video - Episode 1 of 12 The Idaho Black History Museum video - Episode 2 of 12 The Kansas African American Museum video - Episode 3 of 12 The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute video - Episode 4 of 12 The Center for Civil and Human Rights Atlanta video - Episode 5 of 12 The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture Charlotte video - Episode 6 of 12 The National Museum of African American History and Culture Washington, DC video - Episode 7 of 12 The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History & Culture Baltimore Video - Episode 8 of 12 The African American Museum in Philadelphia video - Episode 9 of 12 The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture New York City video - Episode 10 of 12 The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists Boston video - Episode 11 of 12

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