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  • 0 I Didn't LOCK DOWN AAeMojis: Here's Why!

    When Android 11 + phone and tablet owners started emailing me about not being able to save our Black emoji collection AAeMojis to galleries on their newer phones, I could have freaked out! I didn't, because there never was a problem for Android 10 or below! I've written about this in lots of earlier posts. Here is the full story in this 2 minute 10 second video. See how I approached the issue to transport frustrated Android users from "disappointment city" to "happy town!" We also acknowledge our enthusiastic fans inside of the magic AAeMojis box! Thanks!

  • 0 8 Black Inventors - The Nation of Inventors - And The APP That Honors Them

    White, Black, men, women and immigrant inventors all shaped the circle of creative talent who embraced modern America with their ingenuity. Proof of this diversity is on display at The Hagley Museum and Library on the banks of the flowing Brandywine in Wilmington, Delaware. 8 Black Inventors take the spotlight in our 3 minute 30 second video. I tour the Nation of Inventors exhibit at Hagley featuring more than 120 patent models. These replicas come from the museum's unique inventions collection spanning two full floors of display space. Diverse stories of inventors from all walks of life are a part of "Nation of Inventors," a permanent collection that opened to the public in October, 2022. Hands-on interactive engagement will let you dive deeper into many of the invention patent models. This is perfect to increase the fun factor of a visit! Our app Black History Inventors, that is also mentioned in the video features 55 Black inventors including the 8 profiled in the story. If you can't make it to the Hagley Museum and Library, experience part of what Nation of Inventors has to offer in this three minute visual presentation.

  • 0 I Short Circuited Short Videos Before Short Videos Were Cool

    I joined YouTube in March of 2014. Six of the first ten videos created for YouTube's @QuikthinkingSoftware channel that year were only 16 seconds long. Over time, video trends gravitated toward longer videos. Some YouTube creators now think that 10 minutes is the sweet spot for run time. As you know, many YT videos are much longer. Eventually, even Facebook encouraged video posts of at least three minutes. FB claimed that three minute videos would be shown to more people. That brings us to Instagram reels revelations (see the Instagram article I wrote in 2020). Instagram and Facebook are owned by the Meta company. When Tik Tok (all short videos) came on the scene and exploded, all of their competitors panicked. So it's no surprise that in March of 2021 YouTube rolled out "Shorts" across the USA. As of this writing @QuikthinkingSoftware has 180+ videos on YouTube. Six are private. Some public ones have been featured in this blog. Many of our videos are exclusively posted here and not on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Why, because we won't have to worry about censorship, or the video length, or the content that we produce. For our current involvement with YouTube, it's "back to the past" as we've recently added a "Shorts" section with the focus on our app niche. Note that our expanded length videos share similar app subject themes with the "Shorts." Don't worry. We'll continue to create longer videos but we won't be pressured by artificial rules encouraging us to waste your time padding out the length of videos. Some people do this to game the YouTube algorithm so their statistics are juiced.  You've seen those videos where the presenter takes two minutes or more before getting to the point! "Ramble On." Here is the featured image of @QuikthinkingSoftware on our YouTube channel in early December, 2022: After creating 180+ YouTube videos (just for this channel) you become a better producer. I also have two other YouTube channels not related to games or apps. Join us. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy what you'll gain from watching the content! Hit the bell (after subscribing) to get alerted about new videos.

  • 0 The Complete Beginner's Guide to Blackjack 21 AA

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/30/2022

    Blackjack 21 is a fun game to play on mobile. Unlike video poker, roulette, baccarat and other card variants Blackjack 21 is a breeze to learn. Blackjack 21 AA is our version of Blackjack developed by yours truly and the Quikthinking Software team. Count any ace as 1 or 11, any face card (Jack, Queen, King) as 10, and the other cards below 10 at face value. Each participant receives two cards to start play. You (the player) and the dealer attempt to get a count of 21, or as near to 21 as possible, without going over twenty-one. We left out insurance, doubling down, and more advanced Blackjack techniques so you can focus on playing and learning the basic game. Watch my 8 minute video showing you what it takes to score while boosting your win tally. Blackjack 21 AA uses simulated money. No real money is used in this mobile game for Android or iPhone - iPad. For entertainment only for you to enjoy!

  • 0 Holiday Sweatshirt Celebration

    • Shop
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/28/2022

    The characters of our Santa Jump Game hop to a Sweet Unisex Crewneck Holiday Sweatshirt. It's Holiday Cheer Red Capped! November 28, 2022 through December 4, 2022 Free Shipping plus an additional 15% off! One is waiting for you in our Shop: Holiday Sweatshirt Red Capped plus more colors. Available for a limited time only. This year, December 14 is the last day you'll be able to get one!

  • 0 Santa Jump Game Pole Hopping High Jinks!

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/25/2022

    How is your hand - eye coordination when tapping and touching your mobile screen? Do you describe it as diligent dexterity, positive proficiency, complete competence or "blind as a bat" blinking? Maybe it's not so good? Want to take it from zero to hero? Santa Jump Game puts your dancing digits in full gear for a fun-filled finger flexing fling.  Developed for Android and iOS, this is a holiday mobile game that's way to simple to play but is as difficult to master as 'the force' is in Star Wars. Your Santa is the life of the holiday party hopping from pole to pole. Unfortunately sliding down the next pole is another occupant taking up space. This is target practice leaping into the jump zone so don't despair. Four Santas, two owls, unlimited poles, and no time limits combine for a challenge you'll want to jump on. Watch as I play Santa Jump Game with a special surprise somewhere in the two minute plus video! Check out the Santa Jump Game Holiday Sweatshirt.

  • 0 Thanksgiving Story: No Game for Native Americans And Pilgrims

    • Holidays
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/21/2022

    Thanksgiving 2022. Another year to be thankful for what we've got. Watch the almost 4 minute video below that I produced awhile back exposing the true Thanksgiving story. Some of Bama the Village Poet's thoughts (who is featured in the video) don't necessarily reflect our own. Watch, then grab one of our two Thanksgiving Match 3 Games to work off any of those big meals using screen touching exercises!

  • 0 AA eMojis for iPhone iPad Video

    Wake up guy! You too can enjoy the AAeMojis experience on your iPhone or iPad. We recently updated the mobile app for iOS complete with a new emoji expression by request. These Black emojis get the job done expressing you when you text. Learn more about African American Emojis for iOS and Android. iPhone or iPad installation is a breeze as I show you in the video below. Just remember to do these important steps in order for iOS: Install the app then open it Download the emojis within the app to save on your device Grant access  Go to Settings> General > Keyboard > Keyboards > AAeMojis Grant keyboard permissions "Allow Full Access 

  • 0 Thanksgiving Match 3 and Thanksgiving Retro Games Video

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/09/2022

    It's Always Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for iOS and Android and Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 for Android! Watch the video below as I play both versions of the game. From feedback you've given me most of you seem to like the Retro version better between the two Android versions. The screen shots you see above are for Android iPad and iPhone use a different design We wanted to use the "Always Thanksgiving" design (above left) for all versions (iOS and Android) but the Apple App Store did not want us to use that layout as they said it was too close to another one of our games (Backpack Bounce). App developers have to spin on a dime and constantly adapt to the requested  changes! Here's a screen shot of one level of the iPhone - iPad Thanksgiving Match 3 Game as played on an iPad The Thanksgiving Match 3 game video is 2 minutes, 44 seconds long. Enjoy these free games at home, on a road trip, commuting, or during a break at work. Enjoy the holiday season!  

  • 0 AA eMojis Installation Fix for Android 11+ Video

    In April of 2022 I addressed installation issues with our AAeMojis app for Android. Since iOS is so different everything remains fine for that version in the Apple App Store. For some background see my story about the AA Emojis Installation disaster. Despite my early explanations, here's what really happened. As of Android 11 released in September, 2020, the process for apps to manage storage on phones and tablets of certain app file types was changed by Google to improve security on your device. Android is Google's operating system. Now, you the user must grant  permissions in apps that store images and other files to your device. This 3 minute AAeMojis video explains the new process for installing the app on devices with Android 11, 12, 13 etc. I also do an example for Android 6 - 10. Two different mobile phones were used in the video. One with Android 11, and the other with Android 8 installed. Go to "Settings" then "About Phone" to find your Android device version. Thank you to Lloyd M. and others with the app who contacted me detailing this issue with their phones. AAeMojis version 2.0 is live in Google Play as of October 29, 2022. Our great artist just drew a new expression. There are now 160 emojis in the collection (Android). iOS update is coming soon. Watch the whole video for the bonus tips.

  • 0 A Halloween Tale For Today Video

    A Halloween Tale that will never die. Thank you Steve Gordon for reading the story. Both of us produced a series of these scary audio stories a very long time ago while students at NYU. Enjoy this October 2022, 90 second video production!

  • 0 Playing Video Poker Jacks Or Better Card Game Video

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 10/26/2022

    Video poker jacks or better strategy is easy to learn. With just 5 cards per hand to handle most people start with the jacks or better variant when learning video poker. You will pick up some of the easy video poker jacks or better rules by watching me play our latest iOS and Android game, Video Poker Jacks Or Better VP. The VP is part of the app name in The Apple App Store. Check out the 3 minute 30 second video as I play Video Poker Jacks Or Better non-stop with comments about game strategy. This is simulated fun with no real money involved but the video poker is very real and may help you learn how to play!  

  • 0 Playing Blackjack 21 AA Card Game Video

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 10/19/2022

    It's a true story I tell in the video. I thought every adult knew how to play blackjack. I discovered the exception to the rule in my own extended family. My mother taught me how to play. We played often when I was young. When we played, no money was involved (even as I got older). What kind of mom would try to fleece her own kid? Not mine! I thoroughly enjoyed the process of developing Blackjack 21 AA. Building the mobile game was not in vain. Everyone doesn't know how to play so another Blackjack mobile experience is not overkill. Our version for iPhone, iPad and Android keeps things simple. Blackjack 21 AA features simulated gambling. No real money is wagered. We don't include extended elements found in more sophisticated versions that use doubling down or insurance. We just capture the fun element of the game! Read this update for the Blackjack 21 AA backstory. Here I go. Watch the 2 minute video. Next time I'll show you four minutes of more card action in another new game we've recently released.

  • 0 Personal Computer System Information

    • How To
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 10/12/2022

    Your laptop or computer is having problems. To troubleshoot, you need to find out your system information. How do you do it? On Windows 7, 10, or 11 as of this writing grabbing the info is a breeze. Forget about trying to use or find the old Windows "Control Panel" resource. On a Mac, no problem! Watch the video as I bounce through several of our devices. This how-to is just under 2 minutes with audio. Remember for Windows there are multiple ways to complete the same task. 

  • 0 Mobile Keyboard Game Play

    How good are you at tapping on your mobile keyboard? Sometimes it's frustrating because the keys are tiny. Our Black History People Game app is a mobile keyboard based challenge for both iOS and Android. For any keyboard size, the game is easy. History is an element of the game that introduces lots of famous people from the past. Current personalities are in there too. Watch this 53 second video as I play the game and explain more. Our Black History People Game webpage has the connection to grab this gem from all of the major app stores. 

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