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  • 0 Hip Hop Fingers Fly

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 03/06/2020

    Join us for a throwback look at one of our early successes that continues to win fans today. See how you can check out the mobile game action below.   What is Hip Hop Fingers? It's one of our very first Android apps released in 2012 on Google Play. With well over 60,000 downloads across app stores this music rhythm game continues to have lots of fans.     You won't find it on our website unless you search for it using the website search box as we are focusing now on more recent apps. Don't worry. We give you the link below. Thanks for reading!   By the way. Note that the website search box is different from the blog search box.   What we love and you'll love about this 'small in storage size' app is that Hip Hop Fingers will still run on any version of Android including older phones or tablets.   Hip Hop Fingers has nothing to do with the music genre hip hop, just as the Robinhood trading app has nothing to do with Sherwood Forest or a band of merry men.   Hip Hop Fingers refers to touching the mobile keyboard using your hands in the game to make a short leap with your fingers. Some people didn't get it so you can ignore any hater reviews in the stores.   Watch the newer Hip Hop Fingers Game video on Facebook as our sax man blows some cool pseudo “bird” and some awesome “trane” (Charlie Parker, John Coltrane) along with developer Hugh Smith who plays the game (that's me!).   In the video, our second bonus music track changes the mood into something completely different! There are 12 music tracks in the game including the two you hear in the video. Enjoy!   You can join the free fun and grab Hip Hop Fingers now on Google Play or see the original app video and eyeball the info on our website

  • 0 Social Thinking While Quikthinking

    We love social media but we are very disciplined about using it. We would have never been able to create over 50 mobile apps since 2011 without exercising social self-control. That said, we know you get a lot of fun, information, or valuable exchange of ideas from social networks. Opinions matter too. There is no lack of a view point online. In the digital world, you may like the instant speed of a tweet. The visual electricity of Instagram might attract you. You too may watch YouTube video. Facebook fosters it's own sliding scale of reality to be trusted or not. Within my own family there are a few social media Luddite champions! Luddites were English workers who destroyed machinery in the early nineteenth century because they believed their jobs were going to be threatened because of automation. Recognize the similarity to today? Whatever you personally think about the rise of social media as a form of human communication, it is here to stay. It will continue to change as technology marches on. I like responding to the feedback we receive on our social media channels. Most of the feedback comes from Facebook via non-app pages that we also run. More comes by email from app users who need support. We are happy to support you! Pick your favorite way of reaching out, and we'll see you there... Facebook - QuikthinkingSoftware Instagram - QuikthinkingSoftware1 Twitter - Quikthinking Youtube - QuikthinkingSoftware  

  • 0 Top 10 Mobile Apps for February 2020

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 02/20/2020

    February 2020 has been a record breaking month for us with a week left to go. We are happy to be able to give back to you with some of our most popular mobile apps. Here is the top ten ranked from highest at #1, with Black History People Game (Android version) skyrocketing to the top spot after a January 24, 2020 release. The iPhone version of the game plays the same way, so help spread the word! Explore all of our Quikthinking Software apps, games, teaching tools, and audio books.

  • 0 Black History Quotes Express App Bonus Video

    Black History Quotes Express continues to be one of the most popular mobile apps we've created. I use it all the time to find quotes that I need. There are thousands of author quotes for you to explore and enjoy. The keyword search is a 5 star winner. Look for a theme "happy" or an author name "Wells." You'll get results as the entire database is searched. Read more about Black History Quotes Express, or add this impressive collection of prose to your mobile phone right now: In the 3 minute plus video I demonstrate how to use the app on both an iPhone and on an Android.

  • 0 Black History People Game App Video Live

    Black History People Game App, the fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience featuring the names of black history people floating down mobile screens in bubbles is out and in the app stores. Watch me play the game live in real time. 30 levels, 3 lives, one chance to get it right! You won't see me play 30 levels, but in the 3 minute video I give you a good taste of what this game is all about by playing a couple of rounds. If you are a journalist please contact Quikthinking Software if you would like access to the digital press kit or press release. Not familiar with all of the famous or unsung icons in the app? Try some of our text based or image based apps to discover more about all of these great people: Black History People, Black History Express, Black History Quotes Express.      

  • 0 Gaming Black History Mobile Apps

    What's the best way to discover something new? Movies, books, slides, video, story telling, word-of-mouth, PowerPoint presentations? Take your pick. You may like to listen, you may like to watch, you may like to read. For Black History, all of these approaches are valuable. Here's another alternative. Can using a creative game format touch those who think soaking up history is boring? Possibly. That's why we come at creating mobile apps from different perspectives. Juicing up the dry sometimes calls for getting very wet. We've done this in bubbles inside an interesting new mobile game. Black History People Game App is our first app that we've released simultaneously for iPhone, iPad, and Android on the same day (January 24, 2020). Coincidentally, it's our 50th app since 2011! The app is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. Get ready for a fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience without questions or simple matches. Take a look at the short 30 second video. Find out much more on the Black History People Game page. Thanks for checking it out!

  • 0 Black History People Game App

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 01/15/2020

    A quick 25 second video about what's about to drop for you in the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon app store. Check it out. This is your Black History People Game App.

  • 0 3 Black History Game Apps For You

    Facts and figures are important. At times they are all that matters. We cover that approach in many of our Black History Apps. If you could experience a fun way to awaken curiosity, I bet that approach to discovery would be even more enjoyable! We take both the serious path and the fun road to deliver information about the Black History heroes throughout the centuries. Here are 3 Black History game apps that lighten things up while increasing your knowledge by hopefully motivating you to learn more about the subject. 1) Black History Picture Puzzle App 40 puzzles are in this Black History Picture Puzzle Android app. You'll find the name of each person in the lower right hand corner of the picture. The picture is scrambled when you start the game choosing either Easy or Hard. Touch each small section of the scrambled picture to rotate it into the correct position. 2) Black History People Name Game App More advanced, Black History People Name Game for Android challenges you to make the correct associations about Black History people. You might want to check out Black History People App or Black History Express App first so you find out more about many of the people. 3) Black History People Game App Brand new, not released yet, but coming in late January 2020, this original game is for all ages and is all about pure fun. You can take your thinking caps off while becoming knowledgeable at the same time without even noticing it! Black History People Game will be for both Android and iOS and will include a broad range of Black History people. Update January 17, 2020: Both the Android and iOS versions are finished and fully tested. Watch for the releases soon after approval from Google, Apple, and Amazon.      

  • 0 Quotes, Emojis, Inventors, Games And Gore

    Mobile app users derive a lot of knowledge and enjoyment from exploring our world of Quikthinking Software Android and iPhone apps. Creating them is fun, but what is even better is participating in community events to socialize while spreading the good word about what we do. Putting ideas into a showcase of app entertainment in the studio is fun. Interacting with you in person is even better. In the beginning of the video below you see me (Hugh Smith also pictured above) standing outside of Grove Hall in Boston, Massachusetts for a May 9, 2019 edition of Mass Innovation Nights. This event featured services to help kids interested in technology. African American founders of tech companies were profiled. Tech innovation experts and entrepreneurs received a spotlight. Besides many diverse community events, most of our year was spent introducing 8 new mobile applications. Hop right into the video for more 2019 engagement. Along with many of our app introduction or enhancement updates for 2019, you'll also see new pictures from another excellent July event: Game Developers of Color Expo in New York City. For our full review see Game Devs of Color Expo 2019. Thanks to you it's been a wonderful year. Enjoy the video. Blog bonus not in the video! I'm at Prince's Paisley Park, Chanhassen, Minnesota (outside of Minneapolis) with friend Oliva for the 3rd Annual Celebration 2019 in April. It was all things Prince for a week! We enjoyed the music, concerts, parties, and discussion events with noted people who knew Prince.

  • 0 Thanksgiving Story 2019

    • Holidays
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/26/2019

    Thanksgiving is wonderful. Family, friends, food, travel, and shopping. Thanksgiving. The quintessential American holiday. What's a good celebration theme appropriate for an annual tradition? How about a great story! Here is another video update revision for 2019 this time produced in high definition 1920x1080 with a couple of minor tweaks and a fixed typo. In 2018 we added the full captioning for those who may not have the sound turned on to hear the voice of the featured bard. Get ready for an entertaining version of the Thanksgiving story full of satire spelling out the historical truth according to our informed storyteller. Originally recorded in 1974, the sometimes tongue and cheek prose was written and voiced by Bama, The Village Poet.  Watch the 3 minute 49 second Thanksgiving Story video. We first produced it in 2007 and update it as needed. Hear Bama's take on the holiday in his own words. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect our own beliefs. While you are in the holiday mood, grab our Thanksgiving Match 3 Game and crush it!

  • 0 App Game Jam Video

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/25/2019

    Some mobile games hold you hostage for your time invested over hours. Other mobile games are created for fast fun on the run. Hopefully they all put you in a good mood. If time is on your side, just relax, and play! We not only create them. We play them! I tackle 4 of our engaging game apps in this video. We played them back-to-back in real time and then put the production together. We start with the easier entertainment and end with a game that is more challenging. Follow along as I describe all of the action!   

  • 0 Santa Jump Game App with AAeMojis

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/12/2019

    Can Santa (or you) have party fun, fun fun jumping from one pole to another pole? Yes! And we had a blast working on this endless mobile game app for Android. Concentrate and you'll leap for joy playing Santa Jump Game featuring our AAeMojis in an app that adults and kids will love playing at anytime. Hop to a pole but don't touch the charming owls. You'll feel happy busting the right moves hanging with the Santas.  As your best score gets higher, you'll automatically unlock more Santas! Play with your favorite Santa or play with them all. This game is perfect for all ages. Santa Jump Game on Google Play. Check out the 30 second video...  

  • 0 How to Caption Emojis

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 10/24/2019

    In early October, 2019 we received an email from Albert G. who asked "Is there any way to add different comments to the emojis?" The stickers Albert was referencing are called AAeMojis for iPhone and Android. This is our app. AAeMojis are 137 African American emojis. Three weeks later after his suggestion, we've come up with a brand new sister app for AAeMojis called AAeMojis Comments Editor. This is a working title and may be changed before release! The app is finished and is in extreme testing for an Android release. It couldn't be any easier to add your own comments or caption to the emojis. There are 6 emojis included in the new app that are not in the original AAeMojis. If you grabbed AAeMojis for Android, the app creates a custom gallery in your phone (if you completed that optional step). Now in the new app AAeMojis Comments Editor you can load an emoji from the app (6 included) or from your phone gallery and add you own comment or shout out using different built-in type fonts! Super cool! Here is a screen shot example using an AAeMoji from the original collection (loaded from a gallery) with a caption added: Big bonus. You can use your camera inside of the app to take pictures, then add emojis to the picture. You can also grab any image from any gallery on your phone you want, customize, save, and share. These are only a few of the app benefits. We kept things really simple without going crazy with mindless features.  If you have AAeMojis on your phone (Android) you will get an instant notification when the comments editor is available for action. Look for the release of the free AAeMojis Comments Editor in early November 2019. We'll also produce a video showing you how to use the app. ** Update October 28, 2019. Final app name is AAeMojis Caption Editor. After testing on real phones and tablets using Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 we have released the app! If you have an older phone, no problem! Go creative crazy using AAeMojis Caption Editor on Google Play Watch the two how-to videos below:  

  • 0 How Audio Book Apps Help Students Become Better Readers

    This is a guest article written by Russell Emmental... Children that struggle with poor reading skills may suffer low self-esteem in school, and fall drastically behind. Those that are not proficient readers by the 3rd grade are 4 times as likely to drop out of high school. It’s crucial for parents to consider options that can help their kids improve their reading ability before it's too late. Audio books are proven to enhance reading skills. They have benefited learning-disabled students, second-language learners, non-readers and those who are struggling with poor reading abilities. With the onset of tablets and smartphones, more audio book apps have been developed to make reading easier for those behind. Minimizes Working-Memory Deficit For students who have problems with reading, their brain mainly focuses on sounding out the words. This makes the learner not concentrate on memorizing and understanding what they are reading. Since audio books don't require much decoding, the reader can concentrate on understanding whatever information they hear. You might notice improved response to questions and confidence once your kid gets accustomed to audio books. The Simplicity of Reading While Doing Other Activities Whether you are in a car, at home or just walking, it's possible to listen to audio books from your phone or tablet. With the right app, all you need is to download your favorite book and play it from your tablet or phone. Parents can also help their children become better readers by listening to audio books together. This can happen when winding your kid down for bedtime or even when you are in the kitchen cooking. It's a better way to bond and motivate your kid to become a better reader. Improves a Student's Exposure For students who are not very good at normal reading, being allowed to use audio books can help them open up. This gives every student a fair chance to use their most preferred reading method to compete with their peers. It will also help to expand the student's knowledge base because they will learn more vocabulary through audio book apps. Promotes Educational Independence Students perform better when they are given the opportunity to use their most preferred form of learning. For instance, it might be easy for a child to understand what is verbalized to them than what they read directly from printed books. Audio book apps give students the independence to choose the reading method that they can understand better. This makes every child feel included and appreciated. It can be a way to improve peer relationships and self-confidence. Fosters a Natural Love for Stories One of the best ways to make your child enjoy literature is through audio books. The use of audio book apps diversifies your kid's knowledge base, which can make them enjoy listening to stories. With time, they will be able to get lost in good stories and books like other students. They are likely to become motivated to read on their own if they enjoy the story. Reduces the Anxiety of Decoding Printed Word The reason most students fail to concentrate or understand things they learn in class is due to the pressure that comes with reading. Since audio books enable the student to concentrate on the meaning rather than the sounding of words, the learner can easily be immersed in what they are reading. It also helps struggling readers avoid the lag time of decoding information. Final Thoughts The main aim of reading is to understand written information. Therefore, audio book apps minimize the hurdles that are presented by printed books. They eliminate anxiety and the difficulties of decoding. About the author: Russell Emmental is a finance journalist and ex-banker. Here are some of our Free Audio Book apps for iPhone and Android from Quikthinking Software for the mobile phone:  

  • 0 Halloween QuikMoji Emoji Game App

    • Games
    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 10/10/2019

    Have some fun for the fall season or anytime with the Halloween QuikMoji Emoji mobile game app. This is the new brother/sister companion game to our original QuikMoji Emoji app released in 2017. Can you score big time, high point totals as the spinning costumed emojis keep your fingers or thumbs busy? Watch the video below for an overview of both apps. Grab from Google Play

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