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    As a young graduate student he was the only black American of his time with advanced training in scientific agriculture. He was the first nationally know African American scientist. Who was this Tuskegee Institute legend who remained at the school for over 50 years and was honored with a U.S. postage stamp in 1948? If you guessed Dr. George Washington Carver, you were right. We were recently surprised that the iPhone version of our Black History Inventors mobile app was at the top of one of our popularity charts. For Dr. Carver's story and more, see what others are discovering and download the free Black History Inventors app for iPhone or Android http://onelink.to/ebqvvu  

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    • Quiz
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 09/19/2019

    (Public Enemy's Flavor Flav with Hugh Smith at Kelsey's in Atlantic City, NJ) More than any other hip hop group, we've seen Public Enemy most often all over the place including The Apollo Theater in New York City, the Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ and the Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. We took the photo below at the Lisner in 2015. Dive into the world of hip hop and test your knowledge with a new, updated version of our mobile app Hip Hop Quiz trivia game. Discover new questions, new levels, and a new score card. Watch the video, and enjoy!   

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    Six years ago we released the Android app Black History Quiz Deluxe. In 2013, this multiple choice brainteaser was well received. Thousands of downloads later our knowledge based trivia review quiz continues to gain fans. Black History Quiz was also our first iPhone - iPad app released in January, 2018. Thanks to loads of feedback and requests, we've updated the Android version of the app by popular demand. You'll find more of a game feel to version 2 of Black History Quiz (Android) to match the fun of the iPhone version. Multiple choice questions are presented across 12 levels. There's an in depth score card to analyze how you've done. You can also reward yourself by watching a video at certain points in the quiz game. Both versions of the quiz (iOS and Android) have received lots of new questions. Watch this video for a very quick glance at Black History Quiz (Android). Next in the pipeline for release during September 2019 are Android app updates to RnB Music Quiz Soul and Hip Hop Quiz. Both are completed. We'll also add an iPhone - iPad version of Hip Hop Quiz. Below are screens from new Android versions of Black History Quiz, RnB Music Quiz Soul and Hip Hop Quiz.    

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 08/12/2019

    How can you get all the way through into the top level of the scrolling action mobile app game Superhero Flyer? Follow along for more insider tips. In October, 2017 we released Superhero Flyer for Android in Google Play and Amazon. Now in August, 2019 we've added an iOS version for iPhone and iPad. Game action is identical across all the levels in all versions. There's a Game Center leaderboard for iPhone - iPad and a Google Play Games leaderboard for Android. Using the leaderboard is optional. What makes this game so unpredictable is the changing life span of certain superheroes. You have to decide how much risk to take while using strategy to score the most points. Scout in the yellow mask must avoid all rockets at all cost. Scout touching a windsock, the sun, or moon can power-up to call Blue (blue mask). Blue can wipe out the little rockets, but not the big ones. Blue must power-up by touching a colorful balloon to call on Trax, however Blue scores higher point totals than Trax. Trax can knock out all the rockets. Her screen time is limited. Thump (purple costume) and Bambi (red & light blue) take care of business busting big time moves on all rocket enemies plus they can pulverize the drones. Bambi with Thump team up in level 5 and 6. These two ladies stay around as long as you are scoring. You have to get to the upper game levels first to use their talents! They love balloons so seek out the balloons in the upper levels to score big time. The eagles know that along with the sun and moon Scout will touch a drone to call on Blue (power-up). Warning. In some of the upper levels, the eagles will attack all drones and knock them out of the sky! No, you won't hurt the eagles in this game. They usually take cover when the weather gets wet! Here's the help screen on the iPhone: In the game you have to score a certain number of points in the early levels to continue. If you use the pause button, you can take a game break, but even though the count down timer is paused, you'll have to wait until all of the game characters come back on screen when you resume play (potentially wasting valuable time).   We are happy to share these tips with you! Find out much more about Superhero Flyer in these previous features: * Superhero Flyer App Soaring video  * Superhero Flyer Game Adds Levels, Leaps, and Leaderboard * Superhero Flyer App Cheats * Superhero Flyer

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 07/29/2019

    "Summer night in Harlem, man it's really hot..." to quote singer Bill Withers who was right on time describing the Saturday, July 27 heat wave in the neighborhood where Game Devs of Color Expo 2019 took place even though it was sunshine in the daytime. Indie game developers along with some well known players gathered at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture to mingle, network, and show off some of their creations. This expo is billed as a safe place for diverse people with diverse project themes to express themselves "without fear of judgment or harassment." Catt Small @cattsmall (below) is a Senior Product Designer at Esty. She welcomed the approximately 600 in attendance. Later in the day in the Schomburg auditorium Catt did an excellent presentation on how she developed her web game SweetXheart using the Phaser.io software development kit. SweetXheart is a "slice-of-life visual novel about microagressions, race, and gender." In the game you act as Kara, a 19-year-old girl from the Bronx who attends an art college and interns at a tech company. We were very impressed watching several people play the game in a separate area of the expo. Catt is one of the founding organizers of the Game Devs of Color Expo. Here I am below hanging out with two members of the Nintendo team. Congratulations if you received one of our AAeMojis app tee shirts that I'm wearing! We gave away quite a few at the expo. This view is from the second level looking down on one of the three areas where attendees could play lots of developer games. Geneva Heyward @gensuta (below) is a game developer pursuing a BFA at NYU (one of my many alma maters). Because of the visuals I was attracted to her Windows - Mac - Linux game Skate & Date that is "a roller derby rhythm ga(y)me where you play as Maggie, the lead jammer of the Rockin' Rollergirls" who has a crush on one of her opponents. Remember roller derby? I loved watching it as a kid. The graphics in this game are simple and straight forward. The story moves along with an element of roll playing using some on-screen visual dialogue to complement the action packed skating scenes. We also liked the Windows - Mac - Linux hyper casual game HyperDot created by Minnesota based developer Charles McGregor @DarkaysTG (Tribe Games). See HyperDot in action by watching the preview: Game Devs of Color isn't just about discovering or playing the games. There were engaging panels and micro talks. The one below, "Hip-Hop and Video Games" moderated by Shawn Allen @anuchallenger presented a timeline about how both art forms have combined to influence game development. A lot is jammed into only 7 hours for this one day expo. There was no question and answer time after any of  the auditorium micro talks or panels. You had to track down the participants if you wanted some follow-up. This is fine for the manageable size of the current Saturday afternoon crowd at the Schomburg, however as #GDoCExpo grows this element should be worked into the schedule.  

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    • Expos
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 07/23/2019

    The Game Devs of Color Expo is coming to The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York City on Saturday, July 27, 2019. This gathering is an inclusive games expo and conference putting creative developers of color at the forefront, showing off their games, building conversations, and pushing games forward as an art. Here's a Schomburg FAQ: the institution is a research unit of The New York Public Library. Opening in 1925, the repository began with the vast collections of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, a Puerto Rican born black scholar and book lover. His holdings included more than 10,000 items. Today, The Schomburg holds more than ten million items. The Center has collected, preserved, and provided access to materials documenting black life in America and worldwide for over 90 years. Watch the video below about the 2018 Game Devs of Color Expo, and join me (Hugh Smith above) on Saturday, July 27 at the 2019 expo if you are in the New York City area. Find me and I'll give you an exclusive Quikthinking AAeMojis tee shirt while they last! (I'm modelling one)

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    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 07/15/2019

    What's wrong with this picture? Confusion. We software - app people generally know that many of our treasured users who love our games or other entertainment novelties sometimes overlook reading the product details. If it's a free app, no pain, no gain. Not much is lost. Even when there is cookie jar money involved some folks just do not read the easy to scan summaries after looking at screen shots. Recently a three word comment "Don't Get It" came in about one of our games that motivated me to produce a video explaining more. Perhaps this person meant "I don't get it" and not "don't get it" (the app). Watch the video to check out how to correctly play the Black History People Name Game that uses word association with an interesting twist. It's all about remembering the people.    

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    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 06/24/2019

    "I would never win an award for not loving pizza" so says actor - former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. We don't do awards here, but we love pizza too. We love it so much that we've created a "new" game for it.  Pizza Burger Crush for Android is our match-3 game introduced on a lark in October, 2015. Read more about Pizza Burger Crush. The app was so well received that it was always in the back of our minds to do a version for iPhone and iPad. Follow the story of how it all came together within the closing weeks of the 2nd quarter of 2019. These demos were all fully functioning iPhone versions of the app (but never released). This first version (with one game level) worked well enough with lots of cool digital effects. We felt the game play wasn't quite fast enough so it was shelved. Demo Version 1: For Version 2 (with multiple game levels) we also included lots of sparkling special effects but after lots of evaluation we decided it just didn't cut it! Demo version 2: We killed the cupcakes, went back to the original demo version, added mustard with ketchup, made multiple changes, tested it on different iPhones and iPads, and decided that version 3 was just right: The final version above has several game levels with varying degrees of difficulty. We enjoyed working on this iPhone and iPad version. We slowed the pace down from the Android version which is fast paced and wild. The iOS versions have no time limit so you can play forever as long as you keep winning. This allows you to use strategy to maximize the score across the game levels. Long live pizza, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and fries with special thanks to our artist Julia Liberali who drew the food items for the version 2 Android upgrade using watercolors! (She didn't draw ketchup/mustard). Release date in the App Store for Pizza Burger Match-3 for iPhone and iPad will be Monday, June 24, 2019. Watch the game video with both the iPhone/iPad/Android versions for a public service laugh below!

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    In the 20th Century when the United States declared war against Germany, Dr. Louis T. Wright (shown above) enlisted in the US Army. In 1918, he was on the front lines in St. Die, France. Dr. Wright, (1891-1952), excelled in the field of medicine and brain trauma. He is the author of nearly 20 academic papers about brain surgery. He graduated from Clark University in Atlanta in 1911. Dr. Wright graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1915. For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots features an excellent profile of Dr. Wright, along with 28 other significant African Americans who served their country in the armed forces. You'll also find profiles about specific marine regiments, infantry divisions, airborne divisions, and calvary divisions. Discover more about America' Black Patriots in the iPhone/Android App: Black History Audio Book III. Within the Android version of the app you can watch the videos featuring all 9 chapters of the America's Black Patriots story. Below I am at the Lindenwold, New Jersey USA Memorial Park on Memorial Day, 2019.

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    He was the only African American child enrolled in a Quaker school near Baltimore, Maryland. In 1753, he built the first clock in the American colonies hand-carved from wood that even chimed the hour. By 1793 he published almanacs with astronomical information about tides, sunrise and sunset, and phases of the moon.   This inventor may be most famous as one of the surveyors for Washington, DC. Benjamin Banneker died in 1806. In 1980, the U.S. Postal service honored him with a commemorative stamp. The Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum, dedicated in 1998 is in Catonsville, Maryland. Banneker is one of more than 50 inventors spotlighted in the new Black History Inventors app for iPhone that joins the already popular Android version. Discover more about our Black History Inventors and watch the videos.

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