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  • 0 Best Museums and Historical Sites Apps of 2021 (Android)

    An honor for our Black History Museums app to be selected as Best Museums and Historical Sites Apps of 2021 (Android). Check out the story at LeapDroid by Ken Pillar. Touch the image above to read the LeapDroid story. Discover more here on our website about Black History Museums.

  • 0 RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for iOS

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 05/27/2021

    Here's a quick 14 second teaser video featuring RnB and Hip Hop Quiz Game app for iOS which will replace R&B Music Quiz Soul for iPhone and iPad. You're getting an exclusive, insider's look sneak peak right here! Finally, iOS gets the Hip Hop Quiz too. Discover why we combined the R&B Quiz and the Hip Hop Quiz into two separate sections of the same app. For more see Hip Hop and R&B Plant Flags in One Mobile Quiz App. We continued to tweak the new iOS version of the game which is essentially finished. Once the iPhone version is released, we'll update the Android version next. What's new? lots: Questions with images True or False questions Questions with multiple answers Turn time limits on or off Reset your progress in the game Select from multiple avatars New game music you can turn off Sound effects you can turn off Fun trophies The Android timeline for developing this game: RnB Music Quiz Soul was released in 2015 Hip Hop Quiz was released in 2016 RnB Music Quiz Soul for iPhone was released in 2019     RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for Android was released in 2020.   Learn more about RnB and Hip Hop Quiz and look for the iPhone - iPad version very soon. Update September 6, 2021 - Released on the App Store.

  • 0 Android vs iOS Joy And Pain

    During a recent virtual summit I attended, all of the presenters were asked for their favorite: iOS or Android? I did not present. Like lemmings jumping into the ocean waters off a cliff, one by one each presenter answered iOS. Our first computer experience was with an early Mac. We then moved on to Windows PC's. Today, we have four iPhones: 4, 6, 7, and X, plus an iPad along with a Motorola phone and a Samsung phone representing for Android. Let's not forget a MacBook Pro, iMac, and multiple Windows desktop and laptops machines around various workspaces at Quikthinking headquarters. We are not tech crazy, but the mobile devices are used to test our apps before submitting them to the app stores. We don't want to disappoint you! Frankly, I'm always surprised in a world where approximately 85 percent of mobile phone users have Android, in the USA few seem to admit that they actually prefer Android. Score one for the iOS cool kids. Here's my advice to you if I was starting over today to develop software apps. I started with Android ten years ago. See our Timeline. Learning to program with the Android tools available in 2011 was financially more accessible for those with limited budgets. iOS required not only a bigger bankroll, but a longer learning curve to tackle their Objective-C programming language for apps. Today Swift leaves Objective-C behind as the programming language of choice for Apple apps. Swift offers an enhanced ease of use and improved features. Submitting apps to Google and Amazon was much more straight forward in 2011. At that time acceptance in the App store (iOS) had lots of challenges although they have improved their review systems. By 2018 our first app submission to Apple was accepted on the very first try. What did we learn in the 7 years between 2011 - 2018? Creating reliable software isn't easy, but with a good attitude to learn along with a system to improve and grow anything is possible. Personally, I'm always slowed down by the endless requests made by the iOS devices badgering you to supply permission to do little things on the devices. Yes, it's a security thing, but I like the rugged individualism of Android gear that leaves much more freedom of choice in your own hands. If you start with Android and then migrate to iOS, you won't be disappointed. You should definitely learn both. Today we have solid in-house knowledge of both operating systems. So, when it come to a question of Android or iOS, I proudly say Android. My very first Android phone cost only $25 dollars and it worked great! We hope you enjoyed the image of robots with apples on their antennas! It's one big beautiful world!

  • 0 People Powered African American Jigsaw Puzzles

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 05/13/2021

    What is an African American jigsaw puzzle? Many interpretations are possible. The game could be about a person, place, or social movement. In our case, the mobile puzzles are a reflection of the everyday working person of color that expands beyond just African American to anyone globally. Here are four of the puzzles you'll find in the game. Trust us, the jigsaw cuts are all there in People Power Jigsaw Puzzle for iOS and Android. Take a look at these scenes. See even more that will grab your attention in the People Power Jigsaw Puzzle app full description.  

  • 0 Creating Black History People With A Plan

    When we created Empower Encyclopedia CD-ROM for Windows in 1998, the Black History software that became the root of many of our apps, we did it the old fashioned way. How? By going to our county library between 1993 - 1998 using books to do the research and reading through original sources. No Wikipedia, no online sources, no social media, no shortcuts. You may be thinking that a complicated project in your life is too hard to tackle. Breaking down the task into component parts is an easy way to simplify the complex. So rather than worrying about the herculean task of completing a project, we just did a little at a time without pressuring ourselves to meet self imposed deadlines. This may not be possible for you, but... In the case of the app Black History People, the sketch on the left below was the original hand drawn storyboard prototype. The screen shot below on the right is the first screen of the app as it appears as of this writing.     So create a plan and use it. Find out more about our Black History People app on our website.      

  • 0 How To Create AAeMoji Captions With Photos

    • How To
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 04/29/2021

    Here's how to add you own captions using the Free AAeMojis Caption Editor app for Android. 159 iOS and Android AAeMojis are also available for you in separate apps. First we show you how to create a caption by selecting any image from your gallery on your mobile phone. We've added more sample AAeMojis to the Caption Editor that you can use immediately. Next, we demonstrate how to shoot a photo from within the app before using it to create a caption. You'll see me make use of the various tools to tweak a rendering of what you might call a "caption image," "meme," or "photo with text." Note, if you take your own photo from within the app using the built-in camera tool, these photos are stored in a new gallery, automatically created on your phone called AAeMojisEditor. Don't want to use any emojis? No problem. You can just use the caption editor to add text to any photo! Watch the 4:06 minute how-to video below as I explain helpful tips about this great productivity tool. Finally, treat yourself to the Free AAeMojis Caption Editor for Android which is ad free! 

  • 0 Black History Express And Black History Expert App Updates

    Multiple biography updates, a few fixes, and several brand new achievers highlight new versions of Black History Express and Black History Expert. Black History Express mobile App is a free African American knowledge base and fun quiz game. Black History Express gives you a thrilling way to discover engaging stories about African Americans all in one place. Within 28 big chapters you'll find art to theater and everything in between. Use the summaries as a reference when you need to find information fast. You are the Black History Expert, as you discover nearly 300 engaging black history people profiles we've written and edited exclusively for this extremely simple to use mobile app. Every notable person is in a distinct category. You'll read about the known, and not so well known. Black History Expert is a great read when you are on the go. An excellent reference about black history people not just for Black History Month, but for anytime. This is your app with Black History Facts about Black History Heroes. Learn more about both Black History Express and Black History Expert. What's the big difference between the two apps? Black History Expert keeps the focus on the information as it is 100% ad free and does not include a quiz game. Black History Expert is ideal for discovering without distractions and is perfect for academic learning in or out of schools. Watch me demonstrate Black History Express  

  • 0 Black History Audiobook Basics

    The pleasure of a mobile audiobook is that you can listen anywhere at anytime using the convenience of your phone. Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou above are just a couple of the featured stories in Black History Audiobook. Developed in 2016, then completely updated in 2020, you'll find a wealth of fact based information read by two professional audio storytellers: Shenteria Childs and Kingsley Hugh Smith. Touch our names to see more about us on LinkedIn. I've used Shenteria for years as the female voice in a lot of our apps. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am in New Jersey and developed this app. Here are more stories that you will be able to hear in Black History Audiobook. People are important, but so are movements. That's why we've included stories about Affirmative Action, African American Authors, and Brown vs Board of Education. You'll also hear about African American aviators, African American Cowboys, and African American Demographics. The iOS and Android versions are identical with some visual difference as you see below. Both versions are 100% free. You won't find any full screen ads in the app to ruin your viewing or listening experience. Learn more about Black History Audiobook then download to your mobile phone to hear these 30 inspiring stories.  

  • 0 Righteous App Reviews: Ranting Or Rejoicing?

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 04/06/2021

    When you take the time to share your soul through writing about a service or product you've used, it suggests three things. You really like it, you dislike it, or the service or product fell short in delivering its promise. Trolls and haters try to artificially skew the sense of love or distaste about consumable items in public reviews. You and I may question the validity of these reviews. However over the long haul, opinions do even out so you can trust what you are seeing in the trends as they average out. Many of our mobile apps get tens of thousands of downloads. Many do not, but... What we always look at is the rating score, a running average of the thumbs up or thumbs down 'votes' you leave in app stores after using and engaging with our apps. Here are our Top 7 mobiles apps (as of April, 2021) based on user satisfaction ranked by your rating on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being the top rating.   What I really like about written app reviews beyond the numeric rating is the wealth of user feedback. There is a lot to learn about fine-tuning your craft in order to meet the needs of your community of app users. As a matter of fact, several or our apps were created to answer the firestorm of criticism about the apps of other developers who just didn't have their foot on the gas. Usually, if you see a single, 3 or 4 word, one sentence summary with bad grammar many of those reviews are fakes by artificial intelligence bots that have downloaded the app using boilerplate 'review' responses to fool you. Some of these phony reviews never reference the app or what it does. When it comes to appraising public app ratings and reviews, remember the Latin phrase caveat emptor. You are responsible for checking the quality, suitability and believability of the public bulletin board. With that said, we do thank you for reviewing, rating, and enjoying all of our apps! Grab a free download, and share your opinion anytime in the review.

  • 0 Fear Of The Inventors Quiz

    A refined nuclear technology patent, the gas mask, and the fire extinguisher have three interesting things in common. Black inventors. If tests during your school days put you in a panic, a mobile app called Black History Inventors Quiz might bring back those anxiety memories! Maybe this is the reason why more people download our Black History Inventors app than Black History Inventors Quiz. The Quiz title buries the expanded wealth of entertainment and creativity you'll find that the 'inventors only' version lacks.   Two games are bundled into the Quiz app. A match 3 game on the left, and a matching game on the right. The images represent real inventions by Black History people. The whole point behind creating this app was to offer a central location where you could learn more about the untold stories of these inventors. The quiz was just a bonus. In the story section, over 50 interesting profiles are included. Each has audio narration so you can listen to highlights.   Here are four entries profiling the creative people who made outstanding contributions to worldwide innovation with their ingenuity.     What if you had your own idea for an invention or a brainstorm vision that popped into your head? Inside of the app is a sketching program to quickly draw your concept.   Prototype the next big thing using the drawing section of Black History Inventors Quiz! We saved the 'best' for last if you are quiz averse. Super tip. Explore the story section of the app before trying your hand at the quiz. Read or listen to the stories. Now, you have a solid background. The quiz questions are easy once you've discovered the inventors. All of the quiz questions are based on the story section of the app.   Below the quiz questions are the four other sections of the app: Crush (Match 3 Game), Match game, Inventors stories, and Invent (sketching tool). So don't be fearful of this quiz. It's only 20% of the story. No one will see your quiz answers unless you share and tell all! We were humbled when Black History Inventors Quiz was honored with a Best Mobile App Award Silver Nomination for Education. Black History Inventors Quiz is for Android. Black History Inventors app is for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • 0 Your Legacy Of Creating Culturally Diverse Content

    A film producer - director I recently interviewed for a separate non-app project struck an emotional nerve with me by using social media for a noble cause he wants to help. How did he do it? He used a timely surprise YouTube video to promote healing and understanding. These are troubled times. In his video producer Chris Bournea challenged content producers to "create diverse works that reflect the multicultural fabric of our society." This sounds great, but who actually does this on a regular basis? Outside of the few weeks many feel obligated to participate in women's history month, Black history month, and other 'accomplishment appreciation' moments in selected communities, where is the day-to-day commitment?  I agree with Chris and always have. More of us should follow his lead by embracing his idea. Our 10 second elevator pitch is derived from our founding focus on "apps, teaching tools, quizzes, and casual games with a multicultural touch." Are we really walking the walk? After hearing and watching Chris, we went all the way back to 2013 to find one of our very first Android Apps we've long since pulled out of Google Play. One thing you'll notice in this 2013 game below is that we used white, black, and Asian avatars without even thinking twice about it. In this 16 second video with grainy character headshots, you'll see a couple of scenes from Double Header Link Game. Chris Bournea's idea is as relevant today as it was back in 2013. Rather than trivialize inclusion, let's invite everyone to the party for an honest cultural mix!   Below I'm with Chris Bournea in a February, 2021 video conversation about his revealing Black history documentary movie. This is not related to his healing and understanding video I referenced above. You can watch my conversation with Chris about "Lady Wrestler: The Amazing Untold Story of African-American Women In The Ring" on Facebook. Just follow the link. Chris Bournea with Hugh Smith

  • 0 Zodiac Signs Horoscope Astrology Mobile Game

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 03/23/2021

    Have you missed our Zodiac Signs Horoscope Astrology Mobile Jigsaw Puzzle Game app? One year ago we dropped this game into the app stores. The gameplay focuses on the Zodiac symbols. We left the Astrology element to those who use the sun, moon, planets, and stars to predict the future. All 12 signs of the Zodiac in this game use three sets of images to shine a light on either people, the symbols, or celestial constellations. There are 50 core levels divided into easy, medium, or hard. That's 150 total levels to keep you playing for as long as you like. Zodiac Signs Jigsaw Puzzle is a vertical mobile game making it easy to play on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet wherever you are. Download the free app and leave a review. Learn more by watching the 3 minute 30 second video below.    

  • 0 Are Word Or Name Mobile Games Boring?

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 03/05/2021

    Mobile Games with words or names don't have to be a bore!   Do these kind of games put you in a daze, or...   Is it interesting action you want in a mobile game where words are at the center of the gameplay? If fast movement on the screen counts, here are a couple games we developed that might fit your bill.   Watch the video and see how Spelling Runners race game keeps things moving with a swipe of your finger. Then, Black History People Game drops names down the screen you must capture using the correct letters on your mobile keyboard.   Based on the video, which of these two mobile word games do you like?

  • 0 RnB And Hip Hop Quiz Just For Mobile Fun

    • Quiz
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 02/26/2021

    When did Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard help invent R&B and rock? More on this challenge coming up. That's just one of the hundreds of questions you'll find in our mobile game RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for Android. For iOS, the quiz contains R&B fact based trivia. We are updating the iPhone version soon to add the Hip Hop questions. At the very end of Black History Month 2021, we participated in a virtual online game "what do you know about Motown" contest.   Believe it or not, one of the questions (a true or false) was "person X (not naming him here) was Motown's first sales manager?"   You won't find this kind of nerdy question in RnB and Hip Hop Quiz!   Learn more. RnB and Hip Hop Quiz offers a ton of fun. You can also view a well detailed scorecard or share your score (Android version).   Back to the headline question. "When did Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard help invent R&B and rock?" Multiple choice answers are:   a) In 1949 b) During the 1950s c) By forming a trio d) When F. Roosevelt was U.S. President   What's the right answer? Comment below.

  • 0 How To Find Black History Quotes For Black History Month

    How To Find Black History Quotes for Black History Month or anytime? You'll see in the video below how to easily find what you want. Let's summarize the strategy. Using your mobile phone, install the free Black History Quotes Express app for iPhone, iPad or Android. We use the app all the times to pull quotes we want to use in our social media channels. The magnifying glass is your best friend for finding people or themes with just a few taps of your mobile keyboard. Yes, the content is organized the traditional way too. View by author or view by category easily gets you the results you may need. There are so many quotes, that using search is probably the best way to go. You can bookmark your favorites, copy just the right quote you need, and delightfully share to email, text, or another destination. These quotes are not just valuable during Black History Month. The will come in handy all year long. This video is a couple of minutes. 

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