• 0 Pizza Game App Video

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/04/2019

    Pizza Burger Crush is a fun pizza game app. Match the burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken and pizzas with just a touch. This easy pizza game has been one of our Android download favorites, so we are building an iPhone and iPad version that is close to completion. The iPhone - iPad version won't be a match game, so it is significantly different, but it is just as much fun. Both games will look similar. As a public service, both of these pizza games provide a calorie free digital escape into the world of fun food! Warning: Pizza Burger Crush Game app encourages playing with your digital food. Did you miss the following videos? Discover: How To Eat Pizza With Your Game On video and How Much Pizza Does $1 Buy You video.

  • 0 Black History Quizzes With Unlimited Ideas

    • Quiz
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/25/2019

    We recently received a comment about our original Black History Quiz. "Limited questions" was the entire statement. Fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes would have fun with this one. Did the person mean not enough questions, or that the questions were limited in scope? We have moved the needle forward with each of our new African American quiz mobile apps. Black History Quiz for iPhone (2nd to market) not only increased the number of multiple choice questions, but added a true or false section, plus a photo quiz. The new flagship Black History Express app for Android added brand new quiz questions not used in Black History Quiz. Black History Express also includes a complete biography knowledge reference section. We created all of the Black History Express quiz questions using the biography reference section. Try all of these free apps. Here are the app store links: Black History quiz for iPhone or Black History Quiz for Android, and Black History Express for Android.

  • 0 Superhero Flyer App Soaring Video

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    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/21/2019

    Superhero Flyer app is not an easy mobile action game to master. Playing looks simple enough, but looks can be deceiving. Watch this video then discover how we developed this game from the drawing board to Google Play in 18 months. We started with 5 original characters: Scout who is the most vulnerable,  Blue who can't survive the large rockets, Trax who has a short life span, and Bambi with Thump. These two ladies just kick butt. You touch the screen to keep each superhero flying. An unpredictable factor is built into the game. Blue, and Trax have limited life spans that are random. These characters are upgrades from Scout (the character with the 5 lives at the top left of the screen when the game starts). When Blue is defeated by a rocket, Scout can continue the game. Here is the help screen that you can get to from the game home screen. There are a lot of power-ups. Power-ups include the sun, moon, windsocks, drones, and balloons. Our bird heroes, the eagles, make the game much more of a challenge in several levels. The eagles use their hunting skills to target, attack, and destroy the drones. Once you get the hang of playing the game, you'll have the most fun soaring along in the highest levels.  Jump on the leaderboard to track how many points you have scored compared to other players. Most of all, enjoy playing Superhero Flyer. Learn about the international team who assisted in the development Superhero Flyer.

  • 0 133 Ways To Love AAeMojis Video

    When you watch this entertaining video, you'll see that there are 133 ways to love AAeMojis. I tank up on helium to provide guidance in the announce voice track. Turn the sound on if you can. Check out the action! Grab AAeMojis on the App Store or AAeMojis in Google Play. Use them for texting or Facebook.

  • 0 Black History Quotes Express App Tips Video

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/12/2019

    "Technology," "politics," "music," "tennis." Pick a subject. Black History Quotes Express app lets you search an author phrase by any words you choose. Searching by author name is also a simple way to gather quotes from within the app.  In this Black History Quotes Express Tips video, watch me demonstrate how you can easily build a theme of several quotes around your specific keyword search. The Android version is demonstrated. February 19, 2019 Update: The iPhone and iPad version is now in the App Store

  • 0 Insider Video Tips And How To Tutorials

    • video
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/11/2019

    Are you one of the nearly 300,000 Quikthinking friends who have gotten some fun, knowledge, or entertainment from using our Android or iPhone apps? If you are, or even if you're not, rediscover through our video channel how our apps can help you charge up your day with joy, amusement, and/or fact based history. Take a deeper dive. Our YouTube channel continues to grow. Subscribe to the Quikthinking Software YouTube channel now. Thanks! 

  • 0 Inventor Granville Woods Creates Remarkable Technology

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/08/2019

    Inventor Granville T. Woods was extremely creative accumulating 45 patents between 1884 - 1907.  In addition to the steam boiler furnace (his first patent in 1884), Woods has patents for telephone/telegraph technology, brake systems for railways, and battery technology.    Woods is one of the buried inventors missing in action from most American history books. Two free mobile apps celebrate the inventive men and women who used brain power to dream up solutions to common problems. For the basics, download Black History Inventors from Google Play. More advanced is Black History Inventors Quiz. This version is bundled with two games along with a sketching app allowing you to draw your own brilliant ideas. Both of these apps are very popular. Discover the African American visionaries who helped lead innovation.

  • 1 Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism Video

    • Books
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/04/2019

    Shenteria Marie is an entrepreneur and professional voice over actress. You've heard her on our apps: Black History Audio Book(s), Black History Museums, and on several of our videos. She is also an author who has written "Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism - A New Reality and Hope For The Future." Find her at I discovered Shenteria's book from her Instagram feed. With such a provocative title, I was skeptical about her experience. You might be shocked too. Every Black History Month I produce a special feature for our sister website, For 2019, it's Shenteria's story. I'm sharing it with you now. On a Sunday afternoon, I read her 116 page book in a little under 3 hours. We did an interview using Skype on Wednesday, January 30, a few days before the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Medical School yearbook racism photo controversy exploded. Here is the full 14 minute conversation. You'll want to watch the whole video...

  • 0 Black History Quotes Express App for iPhone Sneak Peak

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 01/28/2019

    Black History Quotes Express app for iPhone and iPad is wrapping up. Here's a sneak peak of just a couple of screens on an iPhone. We expect to release this brand new version in the first or second week of February, 2019. You'll get thousands of quotes to enjoy and share for inspiration, instruction, reflection, and empowerment. The Black History Quotes Express App for Android has been available since mid-2018. February 19, 2019 Update: Black History Quotes Express for iPhone and iPad version is now in the App Store.      

  • 0 Martin Luther King Jr. Message in Quotes Video

    In our app Black History Quotes Express, Martin Luther King Jr. has a large number of messages to contribute. These are powerful words indeed. For MLK Day 2019, here's a 60 second video featuring many of his memorable thoughts. We are finishing up Black History Quotes Express for iPhone and iPad which should be released in February. The iOS versions will join our Android version (in Google Play since mid-2018). 

  • 0 16 Apps That Celebrate Your Favorites

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 12/31/2018

    Quizzes, quotes, games, emojis, and honest history that is not marginalized. These are your favorite choices in order rounding out the top 16 apps of 2018 from Quikthinking Software. Each title is identified in full below the collage of app images... Touch each title below for more: Black History Inventors Black History Quiz Black History People Black History Audio Book I Black History Inventors Quiz Black History Audio Book II Black History Quotes Express Black History Museums Thanksgiving Match 3 Game Pizza Burger Crush Game R&B Music Quiz Soul Black History Express Hip Hop Fingers Game AAeMojis Black History Audio Book III Banana Bear Shuffle Game Thank you for your support and all the best in 2019!

  • 0 Seasons Greetings

    Holiday wishes to you! We hope 2018 was a productive year for all of your efforts. May 2019 be even better. Look for more surprises from us in the coming year and we appreciate your support!   Grab AAeMojis Download AAeMojis

  • 0 Black History Picture Puzzle and Name Game

    What happens when you split one memorable black history picture into either 20 or 80 separate segments? Follow along for the answer. If you randomly rotate each segment, you end up with a brainteaser inside of a checkerboard. If we show you the original image, can you quickly put it back together once it is scrambled? Unlike digital puzzles where you must drag the pieces around a game board, the segments in our puzzles rotate 360 degrees so you don't have to move them out of place. Just touch the segments to rotate. It's that easy. Our concept is now a new game. Black History Picture Puzzle features 40 famous folks you will most likely recognize who have taken their place along a talented historic timeline. Once you have solved the picture puzzle, you can try to solve it again, only faster, or move on to the next one. The game keeps track of how long it takes to solve each photo challenge. There is no time limit. Black History People Name Game let's you match groups of related words with specific people. Take a look at the names in the picture below. Here's a fun way to reinforce what you may or may not know about these historical figures. Black History People Name Game includes an optional leaderboard.  Are you at the top? Take the challenge! So get going with both of these games, Black History Picture Puzzle and Black History People Name Game. To master the Black History People Name Game take a look at some of our other black history apps too. They are all loaded with the information you may not have been told about in school!

  • 0 The Big Give Back in Fort Lauderdale Florida

    As 2018 draws to a close, we take a quick look back at several of the memorable events we shared with you throughout the year. Follow these pages... Game Masters, Garden State Comic Fest NJ, Alien Con Baltimore, and Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia were loads of fun. We love meeting you at these entertaining experiences. One August event that really stands out is The Big Give Back in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We partnered with team @shegotgamemedia to have a good time plus raise community awareness about: 1. Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety 2. Child Abduction 3. Music, Arts and Education Other organizations involved included The African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Broward Parks and Recreation, MVP Management, and The Urban League of Broward County, Florida. Here are just a few of the selfies taken at the event and shared on QuikthinkingSoftware1 Instagram. Please follow us on Instagram. Thanks! QuikthinkingSoftware1 Instagram delivers more interesting updates so follow us there too.

  • 0 African American AAeMojis for iPhone

    Eight months after we released AAeMojis for Android, our sticker collection of emoticons for iPhone and iPad has been let loose and is live in The App Store. Follow the story of this great entertainment app: October 2018 AAeMojis update September 2018 AAeMojis update July 2018 AAeMojis progress update May 2018 AAeMojis Launch Party Discover all of the AAeMojis for iPhone, iPad or Android

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